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Support Services Brokerages are entities which provide opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to design and manage supports they need to live in their own homes or in their family homes.

Services allowed under this type

Brokerages offer case management services, design formal and informal support strategies, gain access to a variety of private and public resources and coordinate assistance. In addition, the brokerage directs staff, fulfills employer responsibilities, contracts with certified provider organizations to provide services and monitors the quality of supports.

  • Certification Cycle - Two year

Certification Requirements – Initial

Oregon is no longer accepting new applications for support services brokerages.

Certification Requirements – Ongoing

The department will conduct a certification review of the certified support services brokerage prior to the renewal of the certificate. The review will be unannounced, be conducted 30 to 120 days prior to the expiration of the certificate and will review compliance with the Oregon Administrative Rules.

Brokerages must demonstrate continued compliance with standards required by O​DHS, which are defined in OAR 411-340-0010​.