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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Temporary Rulemaking

Direct Nursing Services Ratio for Adult Foster Homes and 24-Hour Residential Settings411-380-005012/20/2022 - 06/17/2023

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Hearing Date/Time
Direct Nursing Services (411-380-0050)

​5/15/2023 11:30 AM
Zoom Registration
Join by phone:
Meeting ID:
161 325 4787#

5/15/2023 5:30 PM
Zoom Registration
Join by phone:
Meeting ID:
160 273 4685#

5/26/2023 11:00 PM

Current Rules

411-300Children's Intensive In-Home Services (CIIS)12/15/2022
411-303Behavior Intervention Curriculum7/1/2022
411-304Professional Behavior Services12/15/2022
411-305Family Support Services3/19/2020
411-310Developmental Disabilities Community Housing4/5/2006
411-317General Definitions and Acronyms5/1/2023
411-318Individual Rights, Complaints, Notification of Planned Action, and Contested Case Hearings7/22/2022
411-320Community Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDPs)5/1/2023
411-323Agency Certification and Endorsement5/1/2023
411-32524-Hour Residential Programs and Settings12/15/2022
411-328Supported Living Programs12/15/2022
411-340Support Service Brokerages5/1/2023
411-345Employment Services12/15/2022
411-346Child Foster Homes12/15/2022
411-348Host Home Programs and Settings12/15/2022
411-360Adult Foster Homes12/15/2022
411-370Provider Enrollment, Service Billing, and Service Payment12/15/2020
411-375Independent Providers12/15/2022
411-380Direct Nursing Services12/20/2022
411-390Health Care Advocates6/10/2021
411-415Case Management Services5/1/2023
411-425Functional Needs Assessments12/15/2022
411-435Ancillary Services12/27/2022
411-450Community Living Supports12/20/2022
411-455State Plan Personal Care Services12/15/2022

ODDS Rule History

ODDS Rule History includes an archive of all rule filings for each ODDS rule division, including rules that have been repealed.​

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