Older adults and people with disabilities living in the community may experience a disruption in their lives due to depression or anxiety. The Oregon Legislature approved state funding in 2014 to support the implementation of evidence-based interventions that provide skills and training to enable older adults and people with disabilities living in the community to more successfully manage and reduce depression, anxiety, or substance use. The funding and programs are aimed at early intervention, reaching people at mild to moderate stages who are not already accessing behavioral health services. Funding is distributed through Area Agencies on Aging and Centers for Independent Living that make up Oregon’s Aging & Disability Resource Connection.

Depression and Anxiety Program Resources

  • Summary of state-funded programs 2019-21
  • Examples of evidence-based programs specifically addressing depression and/or anxiety
    • PEARLS - Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives, an in-home program for late life depression.
    • Healing Pathways - a 13-14 week community workshop program for women with physical disabilities and depression.
    • Healthy IDEAS -- an in-home intervention to support management of depressive symptoms in older adults.
  • Oregon Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative information and resources on this other state-funded initiative addressing coordination between behavioral health, aging, and primary care; support for complex case consultations; and community and workforce education.
  • Administration for Community Living Information on evidence-based programs.

Sample Materials

The following are sample materials that Oregon’s AAAs and CILs are using to promote and implement their programs, shared here as a resource across programs.

Promotional Materials

Referral Forms

Other Materials