​​The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act, serves persons with low incomes who are 55 years old or older and have poor employment prospects.

The program has two purposes: to provide useful community services and to foster individual economic self-sufficiency through training and job placement​ in unsubsidized jobs.

Program Information

List of SCSEP by county

BakerExperience Works
BentonEaster Seals
ClackamasEaster Seals
ClatsopEaster Seals
ColumbiaEaster Seals
CoosEaster Seals
CrookExperience Works
CurryEaster Seals
DeschutesExperience Works
DouglasEaster Seals
GrantExperience Works
HarneyExperience Works
Hood RiverExperience Works
JacksonEaster Seals
JeffersonExperience Works
JosephineEaster Seals
KlamathExperience Works
LakeExperience Works
LaneEaster Seals
LincolnEaster Seals
LinnEaster Seals
MalheurExperience Works
MarionEaster Seals
MultnomahEaster Seals
MultnomahExperience Works
PolkEaster Seals
TillamookEaster Seals
UmatillaExperience Works
UnionExperience Works
WallowaExperience Works
WascoExperience Works
WashingtonEaster Seals
WheelerExperience Works
YamhillEaster Seals