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Collections process for customers with Other Agency Accounts (OAA) debt

What is OAA?

OAA collects delinquent debt for more than 180 state agencies, boards, and commissions, including circuit courts and a wide variety of educational and regulatory agencies.

If you've received a notice from the department about a debt you owe to another agency, that means your debt has been assigned to the department for collections.

OAA debt collection process

If your debt has been assigned to us, contact us to pay in full. If you are unable to pay in full, payment plans are offered. While your debt is assigned to the department, we may apply your state refund(s) to your balance.​

If you are unable to set up a payment plan or make the payments you agreed to, we will take action to collect the money you owe. This action may include garnishing your wages, bank account, or other contractual payments. Certain income, such as Social Security or disability payments, are protected from garnishment.

If we contact you, it's important that you respond pro​mptly. If you don't respond, we may take additional collection action, as required by law.

If you want someone else to call us on your behalf, you need to submit an Other Agency Accounts (OAA) Authorization for Disclosure and Financial Action form​. We can't discuss your account with anyone other than you without this authorization.


If you owe a balance, you will receive the following series of letters from us throughout the OAA collections process. If you have a department approved payment plan, review the notice and save for your records.

  • OAA Notice and Demand for Payment: This is the first request for full payment of debt owed.
  • Distraint Warrant: This is not a warrant for your arrest. Rather, it's a legal document that establishes our right to collect the debt from you.
  • Statement of Account: This is a summary of all your accounts and balances owed. You will receive this periodically.

Payment options

Pay your debt in full on Revenue Online, over the phone, in person, or through the mail.

If you can’t afford to pay your debt in full, you may set up a payment plan.

If you can’t afford a payment plan, call us.

If you need specific information on how to pay off debt so you can reinstate your Oregon driver’s license, visit the license reinstatement program page.

Can you appeal OAA debt with the Department of Revenue?

No, there is no formal appeal process for debt assigned to the Department of Revenue for collections which is owed to another agency.

Prior to the debt being assigned to the department for collections you had the right to appeal or contest your debt with the agency that sent us the debt.

Frequently asked questions

​Visit Oregon Judicial Department-Online Records Search. Using your OAA Notice and Demand for Payment letter, enter the characters listed as the “Agency ID number" on the notice, minus the last three letters.

For example:


Agency ID number H1234567MCR

In this case you would enter “H1234567" into records search field to view more details regarding the debt.

​Oregon Revised Statute 293.250 authorizes the Oregon Department of Revenue to collect on delinquent accounts owed to state and local governments in Oregon.​

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