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Debt collection services for state and local government

What is Other Agency Accounts (OAA)?

OAA collects delinquent debt for more than 180 state agencies, including boards, commissions, circuit courts, and a wide variety of educational and regulatory agencies.

What services does OAA provide?

OAA offers consolidated debt management for state and local government entities, including circuit courts, and educational and regulatory agencies. We offer two levels of service, full collection and offset only, as authorized by ORS 293.250. Services offered include: 

  • Easy debt transfer. Just send us your debts and we’ll pursue all collection options available.

  • Risk and debt scoring. We use analytics to help us choose the most effective and efficient way to collect on your accounts.

  • Private collection firm (PCF) management. Your debt can be assigned to a PCF. We provide oversight of those firms, which includes monitoring performance and enforcing standards and expectations. Available only to executive branch agencies (ORS 293.231).

  • Refund and state tax offsets. While your debt is assigned to OAA, and is assigned to a PCF by OAA, we may apply overpayments and state tax refunds to the debt.

Is my government entity required to assign debt to OAA?

If your agency is subject to ORS 293.231, then you have a requirement to assign your debt to OAA for collections.

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​OAA currently offers this service to executive branch agencies. However, we offer several other services including active collection and offset.​

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Program contacts:

Todd Evans, OAA Operations Manager, 503-945-8101

Lisa Pineda-Volk, OAA Section Manager, 503-947-8703