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Property Tax

Application process

  1. We'll provide application booklets to you. Applications are due between January 1 and April 15. Starting this year, deferral will accept application late filing from April 16 through December 1st.  
  2. Mark each application with a received date.
  3. If the application is received between the dates of April 16 through December 1st, a late fee is collected by the county, based on 10% of taxes from most recent tax roll, within limits. The limits are based on a minimum $20 and maximum $150 fee, as indexed to CPI. The county keeps the late fees collected.  
  4. Sign the application and email all needed documents to the  property tax deferral unit. 


Deferral participants must recertify their eligibility to the department every two years.  Recertification should not be filed with the county assessor, but should be filed directly with the deferral unit.  

If an deferral applicant has missed their recertification deadline, they can ​reapply for active status with either a Retroactive Deferral Request form or an application between January 1 and April 15. Participants can contact the deferral unit to determine which form to use.

Deferral account status

We send monthly status reports showing newly approved accounts and changes to existing accounts.

You need to flag all approved applicants in your system and keep the participant flagged until we've been reimbursed for deferred taxes and the lien is released. Notify us of any change in status for the property or applicant, including:

  • Sale of property (including partial).
  • Change of ownership.
  • Move from the property.
  • Death.
  • Divorce.
  • Remarriage.
  • Tax payments.

Tax payments

Every September we send a report showing the property tax accounts we're paying. We send electronic funds transfer payments on November 15.


We record a lien with the county clerk's office for each approved property. The lien attaches July 1 of the first year of tax deferral. We'll send a lien release when the deferral account is paid in full and closed.

Partial segregation

An applicant can sell part of their property and remain in the deferral program. You need to send us the value of the segregated parcel, tax rate, and tax amount for each year deferred. We'll calculate the interest and bill the applicant for the deferred taxes for the segregated property only. When the taxes are paid, we'll issue a partial lien release.

Manufactured structures

Manufactured structures taxed as personal property qualify for property tax deferral. Information about the ownership and location of manufactured structures is managed by the Department of Consumer and Business Services through LOIS. We're listed as the lien holder for deferral program participants' properties. Check the LOIS system and let us know if there are any change of ownership requests on any of these properties.

Delay of foreclosure

Approved applicants with delinquent taxes for years prior to being granted deferral can apply for delay of foreclosure. Personal property, such as manufactured structures or floating homes, doesn't qualify for the delay.

When a deferral disqualification occurs, the delay of foreclosure ends. Delinquent taxes and interest become due to you on August 15 of the year following the disqualification. You can start foreclosure proceedings at that time. Any amounts owing on a deferral account are paid to us following the foreclosure.


Send applications to

Department of Revenue
Deferral Unit
PO Box 14380
Salem OR 97309

Contact us

Phone: (503) 945-8348
1 (800) 356-4222
Fax: (503) 945-8737