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Payroll Taxes

​​​What is SIDES?​

SIDES, or the State Information Data Exchange System, provides employers and third party administrators a secure, electronic and natio​nally-standardized format to respond to Unemployment Insurance information requests.
  • Free of charge: This system is offered free of charge to Employers or TPAs
  • Reduces administrative costs: This system reduces the volume of time-consuming follow-up phone calls, unnecessary appeals, postage costs, paperwork and staff resources
  • Secure: This system has multiple layers of security to protect the sensitive data exchanged between the Oregon Employment Department and employers or TPAs
  • Ensures accurate information exchanges: This system ensures that complete information is provided through standard edits, validations and business rules
  • Saves time: This system is electronic so it eliminates the delays related to paper mail delivery, reduces paper handling and ensures information requests are fully completed

If you are an employer with few UI claims throughout the year, the SIDES E-Response website gives you an easy portal to electronically submit responses to information requests from state agencies. E-Response is available to any employer or third-party administrator with Internet access.

For employers and third-party administrators that deal with a large amount of Unemployment Insurance information requests, SIDES provides a more automated data-sharing and file-track interface between employers' IT systems and state agency networks. SIDES is especially helpful for those who operate in multiple states.

SIDES and SIDES E-Response have the potential to significantly improve the exchange process, and saves time and money by:

  • Eliminating delays related to paper mail delivery, and allowing more time to gather information and respond;
  • Ensuring more complete information is collected, reducing follow-up phone calls;
  • Reducing paper handling, staff time and postage costs; and
  • Keeping Unemployment Insurance payroll taxes lower by reducing improper payments
  • Visit
  • Select "Oregon" as the state.
  • Enter your Federal ID number (FEIN) without dashes.
  • Enter your State ID (BIN) with the dash.
  • Enter your E-Response PIN as a capital "A" followed by zeros and the number.
Federal ID: 930000000
State ID: 1111111-1.
PIN: A000001234
  • Your E-Response PIN will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Notice of Claim Filed.
  • If the E-Response field is blank, the claim was set up with incomplete information and you will not be able to respond electronically to that notice. Please respond via mail or fax.
  • Once you've signed in, you'll find a list of all Unemployment Insurance claims needing response from your company.
    • Select "Create Response" for the claim you wish to respond to.
  • A red asterick (*) indicates a required response.
    • To save time, complete only items marked with a red asterick.

Page by page response

  • Page 1: Claimant and Employer Identification
    • Required information:
      • Preparers information
  • Page 2: Additional Claimant Information Request
    • No required information on this page
  • Page 3: Employment Information
    • Most often will not contain required information
    • If there is a red asterick by any of the hours questions, you are limited to a two digit number. If the number is in excess of 99, enter 99. We will contact you if we need clarification.
  • Page 4: Reason for Separation
    • Required information:
      • Employer's reason for claimant's separation. Please select the most applicable response. Additional information can be provided later in the process.
  • Page 5: Additional Separation Information
    • No required information
    • Later pages will ask specific questions about the separation type.
  • Page 6: Compensation after separation
    • No required information
      • In Oregon, payout of final paycheck or accrued leave time do not neet to be reported.
      • BE AWARE: If you begin to enter compensation information into the table and later change your mind, you'll need to delete each row from the table in order to complete the form.
  • Remaining Pages: Specific Separation Information & Attachments
    • The more information you provide on these pages, the more likely a representative of the department may be able to issue a decision without contacting the employer or third-party administrator again.
    • BE AWARE: If you begin to provide information and later change your mind, you'll need to delete each row from the table in order to complete the form.
    • Attachments
      • This is the best area to include copies of applicable policy documents, warnings, resignation letters, or other pertinent separation documents. 
      • You may submit up to 10 attachments, but the maximum size of ALL attachments cannot exceed 5MB.
  • Final Page: Submission
    • This page will highlight any errors that need correction. Click on the highlighted error to be redirected to that page. If the error has occurred on a table, remember you must delete the rows from the table.
    • You will not be able to "Submit to State" until all the errors are corrected.

The Employment Department is required by law to notify all employers that are potentially affected by an Unemployment Insurance claim that has been filed and the potential charges. ​​If you have more questions, click here​.

What is it?

When a person files an initial claim or restarts an existing claim, the most recent employer receives a Notice of Claim Filed.

If a claimant did not work and earn four times the weekly benefit amount from his or her last employer, we will also mail a Form 220 to the next-to-last employer.

When you receive the Form 220:

Mail or fax the completed form to the Oregon Employment Department within ten days after the date we mailed the form. This protects your appeal rights.


Complete the separation information request online at:

Why should I respond?

Our adjudicators investigate separation and eligibility issues. We rely on you, the employer, for much of our information. Your timely response to this notice entitles you to a decision you can appeal if an issue exists that may affect the person's eligibility for benefits. If a claimant stopped working for you for any reason other than lack of work, provide details of the separation in the space provided and use the back if necessary. Please be sure your information is correct and true. Willful false statements can result in additional charges against your account.

Your response is very important. The facts surrounding an employee's separation can directly affect your tax rate because we decide to pay or deny benefits based, in part, on this information. Without your response, we must make a decision based on available information. Decisions to allow benefits affect all base year employers. Benefit charges may affect tax rates or contributions as a result of a person's most recent separation.​

​The Oregon Employment Department is now offering employers the option to sign up receive Email Notice of Claim Filed (Form 220). To sign up or learn more about email notifications, please visit:

When you sign up you will need:
  • Your Business Identification Number (BIN). This is the number used to make your quarterly reports to the Employment Department. It is not your business registry number. Example: 12345678-1
  • Your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Example: 121234567, and
  • Your E-Response Personal Identification Number (PIN). This number can be found on the first page of your Notice of Claim Filed (Form 220). Example: A012345678

You will be able to enter up to three (3) email addresses for your business when you complete registration. 

If you are unable to sign up online, please send an email to and we will mail a paper form for you to complete and return.

Please note: You are not required to sign up for email notifications in order to use the SIDES E-Response system.

Employers currently receive a paper Notice of Claim Filed (Form 220) by U.S. Postal mail when an individual files an Unemployment Insurance claim listing them as the last employer. At this time, employers can respond to these notices by fax, U.S. Postal mail, or SIDES E-Response at:


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