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Job Seekers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Connect with us and let us know if you’re a veteran, spouse of a veteran, or a survivor of a U.S. Service Member Killed in Action (KIA), so that we may have a positive impact using a force multiplier concept to serve you. 

"​A veteran and recent graduate was directed to WorkSource to seek help finding a job. Through resume targeting, help expanding their job search, and other assistance​​​, they were able to secure several interviews and were later hired in their desired field. "
​-WorkSource Portland Metro

​​​A veteran entered the La Grande center with several employment barriers, like not having a valid drivers license. The veterans representatvie helped maintain a positive and movtivating attitude, create a plan to remain local, and help find a job in their field. They were later hired as a nurse, makeing over $30/hr. 
-WorkSource La Grande
​Paul, the Grants Pass DVOP, worked with a veteran, who had numerous employment barriers, to help them find employment. After one-on-one interview coaching, resume assistance, and helping find counseling services, the veteran earned a full-time job with a starting wage of 19.50/hr.
-WorkSource Grants Pass
​A veteran had multiple employment barriers, was recieving SNAP benefits, and had been out of work for three years with no income. 

WorkSource helped them rebuild their resume, look for jobs to return to the trucking industry, and paid for them to take their CDL test. 

After working with our representative and partners for a while, he started a full-time driving position. 
-WorkSource Douglas