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  • E-Government Portal Advisory Board
    oregongov General Information
    The E-Government Portal Advisory Board (EPAB) was formed by ORS 276A.273, a law passed in 2008 by the legislature. The board's role is to advise the State Chief Information Officer and the Department of Administrative Services on topics related to delivering electronic government products and services that are available over the internet. These products and services are delivered though official government portals like Oregon.gov.

    This thirteen-member board includes representation from the legislature, the public and state agencies.
Board Information E-Government Highlights

Agendas, Minutes and Handouts

Duties of the Boar​​d

The board meets quarterly and provides the department advice on a variety of topics related to E-Government, including:

Priority of new online services provided by the E-Government Portal

Development of E-Government Portals for the department and state agencies

Amount and collection of convenience fees, if any, that may be provided by the department or it's portal provider.

Terms and conditions of contracts between state agencies and electronic portal providers

Monitor the look, feel and usability of government portals and provide advice on how to improve delivery of government services

Monitor the accountability of state agencies' use of electronic government portals

Monitor effectiveness and user satisfaction with electronic government portals and state agencies performance in the use of electronic government portals to provide government services.

Study and propose, develop or coordinate activities that evaluate the performance and transparency of state agency delivery of government services; consider the needs of Oregon's residents; and further the effectiveness and satisfaction with the state's electronic government portals and agency's performance and accountability in the use of the electronic portals to provide government services.

More information regarding boards can be found in the Membership Handbook for Boards & Commissions.  ​

E-Government Program

The term "E-Government" is intended to include all efforts by all agencies to provide services and information online. The Department of Administrative Services E-Government Program is a central part of that effort. The E-Government Program provides services for agencies along 5 lines of business:

1. Online Web Content Management. Providing over 160 websites including the state portal: Oregon.gov. This content receives about 234 million visits per year.

2.Online E-Commerce. The E-Government program offers credit card, e-check, debit card and web based mobile payments through our level one PCI compliant system.  Over $2 billion is processed per year.

3. Enterprise Collaboration. The E-government program has enabled cross agency, cross-government, vendor and stakeholder collaboration for over five years.   

4. Web or Mobile Based Application development. The E-Government program assists government organizations by developing custom online applications to their specific needs.  An enterprise regulatory licensing platform is available that customers can leverage rather than purchase their own. 

5. Online data catalog. Data.Oregon.gov provides a single platform of Oregon open data that visitors can share and manipulate with a powerful one-click search. Agencies can easily make use of this capability to provide access to public data.

2019 Annual Report

The full 2019 Ann​ual Report for the E-Government Portal Advisory Board provides program highlights, delivered services, awards and other information for the year. For information on previous year reports, please see our 2018 Ann​ual Report, 2017 Annual Report, 2016 Annual Report, 2015 Annual Report and the 2014 Annual Report.

Survey of Oregon Residents access to the Internet and Oregon.gov

The 2019 E-Government Benchmark Surv​ey with Notable Findings from the full 2019 Oregon Resident Survey. Surveys are conducted every two years. Prior surveys are available here:

2017 Surv​ey Presentation​​ and 201​7 Oregon Resident Survey​​​​

2015 Survey Presentation and 2015 Oregon Resident Survey 


Keeping Sc​​ore

The following is a list of recent national ratings, rankings, awards and grades related to the online E-Government services and transparency efforts by the State of Oregon.
State Scoop 50​-Oregon E-Government Program, State IT Program of the Year.
Center for Digital Government-Best of Web State Portal 2015 Finalist.  Oregon was also a finalist in Center for Digital Government's 2014 awards.

      2015-Bronze Award-Oregon.gov State Portal Redesign

    • 2014-Honorable Mention-Oregon.gov State Portal Redesign
    • 2013-Gold Awardg-Oregon's Business Xpress
    • 2012-Honarable Mention-Centralized Public Meeting Notices Project
    • 2011-Silver Award-Data.Oregon.gov
    • 2010-Honorable Mention-Oregon GovSpace
    • Online Services

      Agencies provide online services and a list of all reported online services is available to the public. Online services are those services where the transaction for service is completed without requiring the visitor to print, mail, call or visit a government location to complete the transaction.

      Report to Legislature

      The annual report identifying the activities of the E-Government Portal Advisory Board.