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Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

Viewing files and f​ile formats​​

GIS data files are generally compressed with a zip utility.  Spatial Data Library​ data sets use the statewide projection standard endorsed by the Oregon Geographic Information Council.

After downloading the file

  • ​UNZIP the file
  • Load the data set  into a software program that recognizes the file formats

Data library file formats​

  • Shapefile
  • ARC/INFO export file (e00)
  • GRID
  • Geodatabase (File or Personal) 
  • TIFF
  • MrSID

Oregon Lambert​

NAD 1983 Oregon Statewide Lambert Intl Feet

Coordinate Reference System description​​​

Projection                                     LAMBERT CONIC CONFORMAL 
Datum                                          NAD83 
Units                                             INTERNATIONAL FEET,  3.28084 
                                                    (.3048 Meters) ​​
Spheroid                                      GRS1980 


1st Standard Parallel                    43 00 0.000 
2nd Standard Parallel                   45 30 0.000 
Central Meridian                        -120 30 0.000 
Latitude of Projection's Origin       41 45 0.000 
False Easting                               400000.00000 Meters 
                                                     (1,312,335.958 Feet) 
False Northing                              0.00000 Meters 
Notes:  US Survey foot = 1200/3937 meters (0.3048006096 m) 
International foot = 0.3048 m exactly, 1 meter = 3.28084 Intl. feet

Projection ​downloads

Oregon Lambert Projection Downloads​​

ArcInfo Projection Conversions to Oregon Lambert from 

For more information about the selection of Oregon Lambert as the State standard, see the Oregon Lambert web page​.