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Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office

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The Oregon Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is currently funded through a cooperative community based effort. The resulting partnerships lower costs, reduce duplication of effort, provide greater standardization, and make more data available to a broad spectrum of government, private, and commercial users.


Brady Callahan, Oregon Imagery Framework Theme Chair,
Rachel Smith, Oregon Geographic Information Officer, rachel.l.s​​​​

2022 Funding Partners



  • Enterprise Information Services, Office of Data Governance and Transparency
  • Oregon Geographic Information Council, Framework Grant Program
  • Oregon Legislature via the Geospatial Data Management & Sharing Project
  • Oregon Department of Revenue
  • Oregon Department of State Lands
  • Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Oregon Department of Human Services
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department


  • Bureau of Land M​anagement
  • US Forest Service
  • USDA Farm Production and Conservation Business Center, Geospatial Enerprise Operations Branch​​

2017-2018 Funding Partners


  • Coquille Indian Tribe​​


  • Benton County
  • Crook County
  • Deschutes County
  • Polk County

Regional and State

  • Lane Council of Governments
  • Metro Regional Government
  • Oregon Department of Agriculture​
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
  • Oregon Department of Transportation 
  • Oregon Framework Implementation Team Development Program
  • OSCIO Geospatial Information Office​
  • Oregon Office of Emergency Management
  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board​


  • Bureau of Land M​anagement
  • USDA Farm Service Agency Aerial Photography Field Office​


  • Northwest Natural​