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Higher Education Coordination Commission

Public University Student Success and Completion Funding Model

The state invests taxpayer dollars in Oregon’s seven public universities primarily through one fund, the Public University Support Fund (PUSF). After the biennial PUSF investment is made by the Legislature and Governor, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is responsible for distribution of public funds among the seven public universities.The information here will help you learn about how public investments are distributed to the public universities, and the principles behind this work. 

The HECC determine payments to each college based on the Student Success Completion Model (SSCM), as defined in Oregon administrative rules.

First approved in 2015 after a collaborative process with campus leaders and stakeholders, the SSCM model shifted the formula for distribution of the majority of state funding for Oregon’s seven public universities. The previous model was  based on enrollment. With the 2015 revision, the state shifted to a model that weighs not just enrollment but also resident student graduation and other factors to promote progress toward Oregon’s educational attainment goals. The funding model includes incentives for improved graduation for targeted populations such as underrepresented student groups, and degrees achieved in high-demand fields. 

In 2021, the HECC updated the model after a collaborative review process. The changes created further incentives for universities to improve degree outcomes and equity for Oregon’s underserved populations and transfer students from community colleges.

Introduction to the SSCM

Read a two-page summary describe the SSCM's purpose, function, and framework.

Read a 2-Page Summary of the Student Success and Completion Model 

Oregon Administrative Rules Relating to the SSCM

SSCM Technical Resources

Institution partners can explore SSCM technical resources with more detail at the links below.

FY2023 Final SSCM Allocations

The FY 23 version of the Student Success and Completion Model file used to calculate final distributions for F​​​Y 23 (Versi​on 2.1, November 2022)​​

FY2023 Estimated SSCM Allocations 
The FY 23 version of the Student Success and

Completion Model used for preliminary distributions. (Version 1.1, May 2022)

FY2022 Final SSCM Allocation
The FY 2​​2 version of the Student Success and Completion Model file (Updated October 2021)

Current Distribution Plan: FY23 Final Distributions by Institution.xlsx