HECC Administrative Rules and Statutes

Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to the HECC

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) incorporate all laws and changes to laws enacted by the Oregon Legislative Assembly. The ORS is published every 2 years. Statutes pertaining to the HECC can be found in:

Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the HECC​

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are "any agency directive, standard, regulation, or statement of general applicability that implements, interprets or prescribes law or policy, or describes the procedure or practice requirements of any agency," (ORS 183.310(9)). Agencies can adopt, amend, repeal or renumber rules temporarily or permanently by following procedures outlined in the Oregon Attorney General's Administrative Law Manual. 

The HECC OARs can be found in the following chapters:

Public Hearings on Proposed Administrative Rules

Proposed rule changes are open for public comment and input for a specified period of time. Comments can be submitted to the agency rules coordinator at karen.lynne.howard@oregon.gov. Subscribe to receive email notifications of public hearings on proposed rules.

​​Chapter ​Rule Caption ​​Public Hearing Date (if applicable) ​Proposed Rule Text and Notice Form
​​Last Day for Public Comment
​Temporary School Closure - Private Career Schools
​January 15, 2020
​Proposed Rule Text and Notice Form.pdf January 24, 2020

Recently Adopted Rules

Recent permanent and temporary rules approved and filed with the Secretary of State.

​​Chapter ​Title of Rule(s)
​Published Rule Text
​​Effective Date
Temporary School Closure - Private Career Schools
Temporary Rule Text.pdf
​December 17, 2019

​Oregon National Guard State Tuition Assistance (HB 2817)
​Permanent Rule Text.pdf ​
​​​December 17, 2019​​
Oregon Promise 
​​Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​​December 17, 2019

​Oregon Opportunity Grant Program Report​
Permanent Rule Text​ ​August 15, 2019​
​575 ​Scholarship Program for Children of Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officers ​Permanent Rule Text​ ​June 3, 2019
​575 ​Oregon National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program Permanent Rule Text ​May 7, 2019
​575 ​Oregon Teacher Scholars Program Rules ​​Permanent Rule Text​ ​May 7, 2019
​575 Student Child Care Grant
Permanent Rule Text ​February 22, 2019
​575 ​Barbers and Hairdressers Grant Program Permanent Rule Text ​February 22, 2019
​715 ​Capital Infrastructure Repair and Renewal Distribution Formula Permanent Rule Text ​February 24, 2019
​715 ​Changes to Rules Affecting Private Career School Investi​gations​ Permanent Rule Text ​February 24, 2019​​
​715 ​​Modifications to Private Career School License Fee schedule ​Permanent Rule Text ​January 8, 2019​
​715 Modification to uses of Tuition Protection Fund
​Permanent Rule Text ​January 8, 2019
​589 ​Community College Service District Boundary Elections
Permanent Rule Text ​January 8, 2019
​715 ​Cosmetology curriculum updates to include proficiency based school standards​
Permanent Rule Text ​January 8, 2019
​715 ​​High School Based College Credit Partnerships ​Permanent Rule Text​ ​December 28, 2018
​715 ​Educational Attainment Goal for Adult Oregonians ​Permanent Rule Text​ ​December 28, 2018
​715 ​​Modifications to Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds Permanent Rule Text ​August 2, 2018
​715 ​Modifications to the Public University Support Fund distribution​ Permanent Rule Text​ ​August 2, 2018
​575 Alters definitions, reduces background check requirements, and makes minor and conforming changes to ASPIRE
Permanent Rule Text ​July 18, 2018
​589 A​llows Oregon community colleges to develop and issue non-credit training certificates
​​Permanent Rule Text​ ​July 18, 2018​
​575 ​​Implement cost controls for Oregon Promise program, as provided by Senate Bill 1032 (2017)
​Permanent Rule Text ​February 9, 2018
​​583, 589, and 715 ​​Student Complaints against public universities, community colleges, private non-profit institutions, and private career schools Permanent Rule Text ​December 18, 2017
​715 ​​Distribution of Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds to Oregon public universities
​Temporary Rule Text​ ​December 18, 2017

​Distribution of Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds to Oregon public universities
Temporary Rule Text ​October 20, 2017
​575 ​​Implement cost controls for Oregon Promise Program, as provided by SB 1032 (2017) ​​Temporary Rule Text​ ​​August 11, 2017
 ​ ​​​​​​​​​

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