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Public University Student Success and Completion Funding Model (SSCM)

The allocation of state funding to the seven Oregon public universities is determined using the Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM), a funding formula.

Approved in 2015 after a collaborative process with campus leaders and stakeholders, the SSCM model shifted the formula for distribution of the majority of state funding for Oregon’s seven public universities (the legislatively approved budget for the Public University Support Fund) from a longstanding model based on enrollment, to a model that weighed not just enrollment but also resident student graduation and other factors, to promote progress toward Oregon’s educational attainment goals. The funding model also added incentives for improved graduation for targeted populations such as underrepresented student groups, and degrees achieved in high-demand fields.

​What is the SSCM?

​2019-2021 Review Process of the SSCM

In the 2019-2021 biennium, the HECC engaged in a review of the Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM). When this model was adopted in 2015, the HECC committed to reviewing it at its five-year mark in 2020. This review was completed in early 2021.​


​​​SSCM Technical Resources

​SSCM Technical Resources​ are available to provide a more technical and detailed look at the model.

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