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Fire Chief with Crew - Integral Youth Services 2022

​​​​​​​​Oregon Conservation Corps

Senate Bill 762 (2021) e​stablished The Oregon Conservation Corps (OCC) Program for the purpose of;​ reducing the risk wildfire poses to communities and critical infrastructure, creating fire-adapted communities, and engaging youth and young adults in workforce training.  The OCC grants funding to organizations across the state to aid in reducing wildfire risk to communities while providing workforce training to the next generation of land managers.

Leveraging Public Private Partnerships

When OCC was established, the Oregno Legislature pro​vided $10 million of grant funds and made an additional $1 million dollars available if the HECC raises private funds to match the contribution. The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) is assisting our mission to raise matching funds by providing a secure platform to donate dollars that can be matched by the state. Donations through OCF are tax deductible and go specifically to support OCC projects.​​

​Donate to the OCC t​hrough Oregon Community Foundation ​​​

Oregon Conservation Corps Advisory Committee

The Oregon Conservation Corps Advisory Committee is established within the HECC for the purpose of managing the Oregon Con​​servation Corps Program. ​​ 

Find information on public meetings of the OCC Advisory Committee here.

Advisory Committee members:​

The Committee is supported by staff of the HECC Office of Workforce Investments.​​​​

​Date appointed and term
​Jenny Ammon
​Brooke Brownlee​, Chair

​Phil Chang
​Kevin Donham
​Laura Handy
​Jenny Johnson, Vice-Chair​​

​​Rena Langston​​​​​​​​

​Contact us:

Office of Workforce Inve​stm​ents staff directory.