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Workforce Investments

​​​​​​​​​​​Oregon Youth Corps (OYC)​​

With ORS 418.650, the Oregon State Legislature created the Oregon Youth Corps to strengthen Oregon communities by advancing youth workforce and stewardship programs.

Oregon Youth Corps fulfills its mission through the delivery of funds to community-based, stewardship-driven, and crew-focused youth workforce providers. Youth participant ages are typically 13-24. 
  • Community Stewardship Corps: This program centers around the delivery of workforce development experiences to enhance and complement educational attainment for program participants. 
  • Paid Work Experience: This program opens access to paid work experiences that provide a foundation of work readiness skills.   It strives to reach each of Oregon’s 36 counties.
  • Tribal Youth Workforce Partnerships: These programs partner with each of Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribal sovereign nations to provide stewardship-driven work experiences that benefit tribal communities and youth. 
  • ​Partnership Opportunities: Oregon Youth Corps provides occasional funded experiences in collaboration and partnership with various state and federal land management agencies. If you represent an agency who would like to partner, contact us at

More information:

  • Note: OYC does not directly hire Youth or Crew Leaders. Please contact the local program in your area if seeking employment.
  • Advisory Board: The Oregon Youth Corps Advisory Board is Oregon Youth Corps’ state-appointed advisory board. 

​​Advisory Board

OYC Advisory Board

Public meetings of the Board are  also posted on the Oregon Transparency site.

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