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​​​​​​Resources For Businesses 

and Workers Affected 

b​y Lay​​offs​

Oregon Dislocated Worker Rapid Response resources:

Guide for Laid Off Workers in Oregon, English

Guide for Laid Off Workers in Oregon, Spanish

Guide for Laid ​Off Wokers in Oregon, Russian

Guide for Laid Off Workers i​n Oregon, Vietnamese​​​​

Oregon’s Dislocated Worker Program

“The goal of Rapid Response is to enable affected workers to return to work as quickly as possible  following a layoff or to avoid unemployment altogether.”  

Oregon’s Dislocated Worker Program offers help to both employers and workers before and during a layoff. If you're a worker who has been laid off (or notified of an impending layoff) through ​no fault of your own, we offer free services that prepare you to find new work. If you're an employer facing a business closure or layoff, we can help you proceed and provide on-site services for your workers.

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

​The WARN Act offers protection to workers, their families, and communities by requiring employers to provide a 60-day notice to the affected employees and both state and local representatives prior to a plant closing or mass layoff.

For Workers Facing a Layoff

Our Dislocated Worker Program services are designed to help workers who have been laid off get back to work as quickly as possible.

For Employers Considering a Layoff

If you're considering a major layoff or plant closure, our local Rapid Response teams can help guide you through the process

For Employers Before Actually Deciding on Closure or Move​

If you're struggling and need resources to be able to: adapt to a changing economy, stay in business or retain employees

For Local Bo​​ards and Rapid Response Staff and Partners​

This information helps counselors and service providers administer the program and better serve customers.​

Orego​​n​'s List of F​iled WARN Notices​