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​Resources For Businesses and Workers Affected  ​  ​b​y Layoffs

Oregon Dislocated Worker Rapid Response resources:

Guide for Laid Off Workers in Oregon

Oregon Rapid Response and ​Layoff Aversion Information and Contacts​​

Oregon’s Dislocated Worker Program

“The goal of Rapid Response is to enable affected workers to return to work as quickly as possible  following a layoff or to avoid unemployment altogether.”  

Oregon’s Dislocated Worker Program offers help to both employers and workers before and during a layoff. If you're a worker who has been laid off (or notified of an impending layoff) through no fault of your own, we offer free services that prepare you to find new work. If you're an employer facing a business closure or layoff, we can help you proceed and provide on-site services for your workers.

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

​The WARN Act offers protection to workers, their families, and communities by requiring employers to provide a 60-day notice to the affected employees and both state and local representatives prior to a plant closing or mass layoff.

For Workers Facing a Layoff

Our Dislocated Worker Program services are designed to help workers who have been laid off get back to work as quickly as possible.

For Employers Considering a Layoff

If you're considering a major layoff or plant closure, our local Rapid Response teams can help guide you through the process

For Employers Before Actually Deciding on Closure or Move​

If you're struggling and need resources to be able to: adapt to a changing economy, stay in business or retain employees

For Local Boards and Rapid Response Staff and Partners​

This information helps counselors and service providers administer the program and better serve customers.​