Workforce Investments

Office of Workforce Investments: Our Investment and Partnership Role

Workforce investments in Oregon are used to fund a variety of resources, programs, initiatives, and activities focused on creating a better tomorrow for all Oregonians via employment opportunities, skill attainment, and work-related training. HECC is one of several agencies that contribute oversight, resources, and programming to the workforce development system.

The dollars used to invest in Oregon’s workforce system primarily come from federal and state sources, most often through a grant process. The HECC Office of Workforce Investments administers these funds through sub-granting and contract management with local workforce development boards and other partners. Our office monitors these investments to Oregon’s workforce system, ensuring programmatic compliance and fiscal accountability.

The HECC is the administrative entity for several federally funded workforce and education programs, including those authorized by title I of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

These programs include:

Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs (Title I of WIOA):

  • support dislocated workers, other adults, and employers before and during a layoff, or with general career development, and they provide adult skills and training opportunities at community colleges and other sites statewide. Administered by the HECC Office of Workforce Investments (OWI).​

Youth Workforce Programs (Title I of WIOA):

  • provides workforce development training opportunities to young people ages 14-24. Administered by HECC-OWI.

​Adult Education and Family Literacy Act Programs (Title II of WIOA):​

In addition to providing programmatic and fiscal oversight and accountability, OWI provides policy direction and technical assistance to state and local partners, staff, and other stakeholders.

The HECC also administers the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps (OYCC).