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Workforce Investments

​​Key Workforce Partners and Goals, Office of Workforce Investments

Oregon’s higher education and workforce development partners help state residents obtain and succeed in family wage jobs while meeting employers’ needs for a skilled workforce.

Through the Office of Workforce Investments, HECC is one of sev​eral agencies that contribute oversight, resources, and programming to the workforce development system. The HECC works closely with the Office of the Governor, the Oregon Legislature, and numerous partner agencies and institutions and board described below (To learn more, also see HECC Authority and State Structure).

The Oregon Workforce Tale​nt and Development Board (WTDB)​ is the overall advisory board to the Governor on workforce matters. The W​TDB advises the Governor on workforce policy and plans, and contributes to the economic success of Oregon by:

  • Aligning state workforce policy and resources with education and economic development;
  • Promoting a proactive, flexible and innovative talent development system; and,
  • Holding the workforce system accountable for results to ensure Oregonians develop the skills they need to sustain rewarding careers and businesses have the talent they need to be competitive.

The HECC works closely with the OWTB, and staffs the board.


Oregon goals related to workforce are expressed in:


At the State level, the HECC’s partnering workforce agencies include:

Each of the agencies above oversees and/or provides investment in programs that are delivered locally by workforce system partners, agencies, colleges, and organizations, including:

Other key partners include:


​Job seekers, employers, and individuals seeking training or other career advancement opportunities should contact WorkSource Oregon.

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