Plan & Pay for College

Oreg​on's 7 Public Universities

There are seven public universities in Oregon, each with u​nique strengths and academic programs, serving the students of the state, the region, and beyond.

Click on each university name below for the campus websites and links to key campus information including admissions, cost of attendance, and financial aid.

Information on college costs is included below. Universities are generally responsible for setting annual tuition and fees. However, should the combined annual increase in resident undergraduate tuition and mandatory enrollment fees exceed 5% for a public university, the HECC, or the Oregon Legislature, must approve the increase.​

The universities work together to publish annually a combined matrix of undergraduate academic majors and minor, available below:  



​​​In addition, explore opportunities at:

Oregon Health and Science University, Portland*

* HECC does not have the same authorities with respect to OHSU as it does with Oregon’s 7 public universities.​​​

**This list  is shared on behalf of the Inter-institutional Committee on Admissions and Recruitment​, and includes areas of study for undergraduate majors and minors at the public universities in Oregon. This list is intended to serve as a guide to steer individuals towards areas of interest but programs may be titled 

differently or be under different classifications at each specific campus. Graduate programs are not included, with the exception of Education and pre-professional programs like pre-med and pre-law. For more information, 

including specific program names and descriptions, concentrations within majors, certificates, co-majors, and graduate programs, speak to admissions representatives or refer to individual college publications or websites.