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​​Development of the Strategic Roadmap for the Future of Postsecondary Education and Training  ​

The HECC is currently working with partners on developing a Strategic Roadmap for the future of postsecondary education in Oregon. Recent updates on this work and current drafts of the Roadmap can be viewed under the Commission's public meetin​g materials from May and June, 2021.​​

Backround (Fall 2019 – Fall 2020)

In August 2019, the HECC launched the development of a new strategic plan for meeting the State’s postsecondary goals, consistent with its responsibilities under ORS 350.075 (d). The Commission expressed that this plan should help generate a new consensus among legislators, institutions, stakeholders, and the Commission about an ambitious path forward for postsecondary education that expands opportunity and equity for Oregonians through increasing levels of public investment, public accountability, coordination, and responsiveness to student and workforce needs. ​

The Commission determined that a new Strategic Plan should be developed in conjunction with partners, take a holistic view of Oregon’s postsecondary system, be grounded in the Oregon Equity Lens, and anticipate the changes that will be required in order to meet state goals for increased access, affordability, attainment, and equity. It indicated that the completed Plan should not be regarded as a “HECC Strategic Plan”, but rather as a roadmap for postsecondary education and training in Oregon generally, with implications not only for the HECC but also for its many partners including the Legislature, Governor, public and private colleges and universities, other education and training partners, as well as faculty, students, and staff. 

Between October 2019 and March 2020, HECC and its consulting partner Coraggio Group conducted large-scale public and stakeholder outreach and published key findings in an Insights Report.​ With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the HECC began to reassess the Strategic Roadmap to take into account the pandemic’s profound economic and educational disruptions and the country’s simultaneous reckoning with racial injustice.  

The Roadmap is still in development, and ​will be available on this page once finalized.

HECC Strategic Plan and Framework

The HECC’s Strategic Plan charts a path forward to make progress for all Oregon’s current and future students.