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HECC Key Performance Metrics (KPMs)

As part of its effort to create a culture of accountability and transparency, the state of Oregon measures the performance and outcomes of state government activities.

Each agency, including the HECC, is required to develop Key Performance Metrics to guide state investment in agency programs. During the budget deliberation process of each legislative session, the Legislature approves, disapproves, or changes/updates each agency's proposed biennial performance measures.​

HECC’s Key Performance Measures can be found at:

Criteria for KPMS​

The Legislative Fiscal Office and the Budget and Management Division of the Department of Administrative Services adopted a set of criteria that agencies must meet when developing measures. Measures must:

  • ​Gauge progress toward agency's goals and mission
  • Use standard terminology and definition
  • Be few in number
  • Identify performance targets to be achieved during the two-year budget cycle
  • Use accurate and reliable data sources
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Assign an organizational unit responsible for achieving the target
  • Address comparable information, where possible