Oregon ​Educational Attainment Data

Progress Toward Oregon's 40-40-20 Education Goal

Oregon has one of highest-reaching state goals for education in the country.  In 2011, the State of Oregon enacted legislation (ORS 350.014) that created this aspirational goal for Oregon’s educational achievement that by 2025:

  • 40% of Oregonians will complete a 4-year degree,
  • ​40% of Oregonians will complete a 2-year degree or certificate, and
  • 20% will earn a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Known as the “40-40-20”, this goal established a clear target against which to gauge the state’s educational progress. Learn more about Oregon's state goals for higher education here. ​ 

With legislation passed in 2017 and effective on January 1, 2018, Oregon clarified the 40-40-20 educational goal to focus it strategically on young Oregonians rising through the education system.   ​

​Information on Oregon's progress toward this goal is featured below. This data applies to Oregon young adults age 25 to 34.  

Graphic, Bar graph, Educational Attainment Rates for Oregon Adults Versus 40-40-20 Goal

Oregon’s Adult Education and Training Goal

Oregon is currently working on a set of state goals on the education and training of working adults that is connected to job opportunities and industry needs.​ With the 2017 legislation clarifying the 40-40-20 goal as a goal focused on young Oregonians, Oregon also clarified the state’s commitment to ambitious educational outcomes for working-age Oregonians. The State directed that HECC work with the Oregon Workforce Talent and Development Board and institutional partners on creation of a new set of goals for the adult population. This is currently in progress.

Educational Attainment Disparities​

The HECC is committed to improving success for students who are traditionally underserved in higher education. Low-income and students of color experience less opportunity and success throughout the education continuum, including higher education. Information on the disparities in educational attainment by race/ethnicity is included below. 

Graph, Bar graph, Educational Attainment by Race in Population 25 and Over