Oregon job opportunities

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Administrative Services, Department ofDAS503-378-3622
Advocacy Commission, OregonADV503-378-4309
Agriculture, Oregon Department ofODA503-986-4584
Aviation, Department ofADX503-378-6202Aviation Department
Accountancy, Board ofBOA503-378-4309
Licensed Social Workers, Board ofBLSW503-378-4309
Maritime Pilots, Board ofBOMP503-373-4949
Massage Therapists, Board ofOBMT503-378-4309
Naturpathic Medicine, Board ofOBNM971-673-0193
Nursing, Board ofOSBN971-673-0641
Parole and Post-Prison Supervision, Board ofBPPPS877-888-5234
Pharmacy, Board ofBOP971-673-0001
Tax Practitioners, Board ofOBTP503-378-4309
Blind, Commission forOCB971-673-1588
Indian Services, Commission onCOIS503-986-1373
Construction Contractors BoardCCB503-378-4621   ext. 4023
Consumer & Business Services, Department ofDCBS503-378-3200DCBS Jobs Page
Corrections, Department ofDOC877-888-5234DOC jobs page
Criminal Justice CommissionCJC877-888-5234DOC-CJC jobs page
Education, Oregon Department ofODE503-947-5635Education jobs page
Employment, Department ofEMP503-947-1289
Employment Relations BoardERB503-378-4309
Energy, Department ofODOE503-378-0051Energy jobs page
Environmental Quality, Department ofDEQ503-229-5107
Fish & Wildlife, Department ofODFW503-947-6051ODFW jobs page
Forestry, Department ofODF503-945-7200ODF jobs page
Geology & Mineral Industries, Department ofDOGAMI503-378-4309
Government Ethics CommissionOGEC503-378-5105
Governor's OfficeGOV503-378-4309
Health Authority, OregonOHA503-945-5698
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