Fo​​​​rm ​​Title ​Form Description ​Last Updated
​​​Status Check Request.xlsx​ ​For agencies to use to request status checks from PERS 7/2019
​​Disability Information Request​  ​For agencies to respond to disability requests from CPERS ​5/2013
Salary and Hour Request Entry Tool​​​ ​For agencies to respond to salary and hour requests from CPERS ​6/2014
Year-t​o-Date Correction Form​ ​For agencies to provide corrected salary information to CPERS ​7/2017

​Police and Fire Unit purchases need prior approval by PERS staff who determine the rate or outcome of the unit purchases.  Do not send forms directly to PERS.  All forms are sent to the Centralized PERS Services Team to work with PERS.  Once the Centralized PERS Services Team receives approval they will contact the agency regarding the necessary entries in OSPA.  Due to the required prior approval process please do not add, change or delete the OSPA P070 screen PRNN deduction without first working with the Centralized PERS Services Team. 
Only Police and Firefighter (P&F) employees of the PERS Chapter 238 Program (Tier One or Tier Two) may purchase police and fire units. Police and Fire Units are not available for employees the Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP). 
Please see the detailed instructions for increasing P&F unit purchases or purchasing P&F units​

Why?  It’s the agencies responsibility to report accurate leave without pay data to PERS. Currently we do not have an automatic way of reporting LWOP hours via PPDB or OSPA systems.

What? This process has been designed as a manual way of reporting LWOP hours to PERS to ensure accurate retirement benefit calculations. 

When? Quarterly.

How?  CPERS will email each agency (payroll & HR contact) an excel spreadsheet containing quarterly leave without pay data. The spreadsheet will contain a list of all employees that coded leave without pay hours equal or greater than 88 hours a month. The email will include instructions on how to complete the spreadsheet.

Agencies will….

  1. Confirm the information on the spreadsheet, and supply corrected hours if needed.
  2. Provide dates of the full days of leave without pay for the hours/timeframes provided.
  3. Indicate if leave was related to an approved workers comp claim.
  4. Return the information to CPERS within 30 days of the receive date.

CPERS will….

  1. Review agency information and comments.
  2. Complete the process to record the leave without pay in the PERS system.


Supplemental Information:

Please review the LWOP Reporting Presentation.pdfLWOP Reporting Presentation.pdf 

To begin reporting LWOP, please contact Centralized PERS Services 

Statewide Centralized PERS Group List (DAS_Centralized_PERS_Services_Team) is used to broadly communicate to all state fiscal employees interested in Centralized PERS related information, updates and instructions. 
To Subscribe: follow this link to the Centralized PERS Services Team list and complete the instructions under the heading ‘Subscribing to DAS_Centralized_PERS_Services_Team.


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