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Women of Achievement Awards

The Oregon Commission for Women has honored 101 outstanding women since the awards began.
Nominations for this year have closed, and the next round of honorees will be announced in early 2021. See all past awardees below:

Women of Achievement Hall of Fame

Vera Katz – 1985
Barbara Roberts, Norma Paulus – 1986
Nancy Ryles, Susan Hammer – 1987
Marsha Congdon, Betty Roberts - 1988
Mary Wendy Roberts, Nancy Wilgenbusch - 1989
Clarice Parr-Sandoz, Y. Sherry Sheng - 1990
Ursula K. LeGuin, Gail Shibley - 1991
Susan Helms, Joan Biggs - 1992
Ann Aiken, Tricia Smith, Judith Armatta - 1993
Mary Alice Ford, Annabelle Jaramillo, Ellen Lowe, Janet Stevenson - 1994
Myrlie Evers Williams, Kate Brown - 1995
Dianne Middle, Cheryl Perrin, Judith Ramaley - 1996
Margaret Carter, Patricia Davis Hinrichs, Nellie Fox-Edwards - 1997
Amy Aldrich Bedford, Bev Clarno, Joan Priscilla Kilbourn - 1998
Avel Gordly, Kathryn Harrison, Katherine Huff O’Neil - 1999
Elmo Bloom, Roslyn Hill, Sue Shaffer - 2000
Clariner Boston, Margaret Jean Hallock, Kathleen Margerum - 2001
Connie Ashbrook, Susan Castillo, Katherine Jensen - 2002
Phyllis Lee, Diane Rosenbaum, Jerralynn Ness - 2003
Joan Brown-Kline, Victoria Burton, Martha Young - 2004
Johanna Brenner, Harriet Isom, Serena Ota St. Clair - 2005
Donalda Dodson, Joan Palmateer, Dr. Cherri Pancake - 2006
Reverend Mary Overstreet, Carmen Ramirez, Dr. Gretchen Schuette - 2007 
Dr. Nancy Golden, Congresswoman Darlene Hooley, Sydney Sherwood, Dr. Keren Brown Wilson - 2008
Gert Boyle, Arlene Schnitzer - 2009
Gretchen Kafoury, Dr. Melody Rose, Latricia Tillman - 2010
Dr. Jill Ginsberg, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Minalee Saks, Dr. Rita Sullivan - 2011
Robin Morris Collin, Jane O'Keeffe, Gina Warren, Serena Stoudamire Wesley - 2012
Gun Denhart, Mary Katherine "Kappy" Eaton, Cecilia Girón, Sheila North - 2013
Peg Malloy, Lisa Schroeder, Cheryl Strayed, Jill Tanner, Joanne Verger - 2014
Jan Campbell, Donna Maxey, Kay D. Toran, Gwendolyn Trice - 2015
Nancy Campbell Mead, Chanpone Sinlapasai-Okamura - 2016
Dr. Erlinda Gonzales-Berry, Dr. Guadalupe Guajardo, Liliana Luna, Anita Yap - 2017
Susan Stoltenberg - 2018
Belinda Carroll, Sharon Gary-Smith, Justice Adrienne Nelson, Andrea Paluso - 2019

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