Plant Health

​​​A major focus of the Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Health Program is to perform surveys and testing for regulated plant pests and diseases. We collaborate with the USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Program, industry stakeholders, other state departments of agriculture, university researchers, and extension specialists to conduct surveys throughout the state of Oregon. 

Many agricultural and horticultural commodities must be certified as pest-free or declared to be grown or produced in a pest-free area prior to export from the state. By participating in these surveys, Oregon is able to maintain free-from status for regulated pests and diseases, facilitating export of agricultural and horticultural commodities to both domestic and international markets. 

Additionally, these surveys enable us to be at the frontline to safeguard Oregon against introduction of harmful plant pests and other invasive species. A timely and effective detection and rapid response system enables the ODA Plant Health Program to combat invasive pests and diseases before they have a change to cause significant environmental and economic damage.


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Elizabeth Savory
Program Manager
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