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Plant Health

​​Timber inspection and wood chip fumigation

The Plant Health Program provides inspection and testing services of untreated timber and wood products for export. Untreated timber is defined as timber or wood products that have not been treated sufficiently to eliminate pests or pathogens of concern to the importing country. 

Untreated timber products include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Logs
  • Wood chips
  • Wood crates
  • Green lumber 
The program also provides oversight of the fumigation treatments of wood chips for export. With official inspection, these untreated timber and wood products are eligible for Federal Phytosanitary Certificates which are often required for export.

What services are provided?

Field inspection

Inspections are based upon the requirements of the importing country. In most cases, the inspection is a visual survey for the evidence of pests or pathogens of concern, such as bark beetles, wood decay, rot fungi, etc. 

Pine wood nematode testing (required for exports to China only)

For conifer exports to China, testing for pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) is mandatory. In addition to the visual inspection described above, the wood product is drilled and shavings are collected. The shavings are returned to the lab for testing. 

Wood chip fumigation 

Applicants must fumigate according to the requirements of the importing country. 
An inspector will witness the set-up of an example of how the fumigation will be carried out. This example should be representative of the full scale fumigation operation that will be carried out on the vessel while in transit to its final destination. 

How do I request an inspection? 

  1. At least two weeks prior to the anticipated shipping date, submit a Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance & Tracking (PCIT) System Application for PPQ Form 557. 
  2. Once the application has been received, an inspector will contact the applicant directly to schedule an inspection appointment. 

What are the fees for inspection and testing services? 

Fees are set forth by OAR 603-053-0200 and USDA. 

  • $35 PCIT System application fee
  • $6 USDA administration fee
  • $280 Nematode testing fee for wood chips
  • $60/hour inspection fee (total time traveled and time for inspection)
  • $0.545 per mile (total distance traveled by inspector)​


Phytosanitary Export Database (PExD)

This database includes the protocol for the inspection and sampling of pinewood nematode. Go to: Country > China > Commodity: Pinus or Pseudotsuga logs. Phytosanitary Export Database online

Key to the Genera of Cerambycidae of Western North America

An image based key to the genera of western North American longhorned wood borers. Key to the Genera of Cerambycidae of Western North America

Screening Aid for the Cerambycidae of the Western USA

Online PowerPoint designed to enable efficient sorting and identification of the most abundant species found in wood boring insect trap samples. Specific to roundheaded or longhorned wood borers. Screening aid for the roundheaded or longhorned wood borers in the western USA



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