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ODHS Social Media Statement

The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) uses social media platforms to provide opportunities for the public to engage with the department while learning about human services programs and services.

Social media is NOT intended to be used as a tool to report suspected abuse, neglect or maltreatment of a child or adult at risk (including older adults and adults with disabilities). Call 855-503-SAFE (7233) to make a report or call 9-1-1 if an individual is in immediate danger.


  • Our primary social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Nextdoor are managed by the Office of Communications. You may contact us at
  • If you are a member of the media seeking information, publication or republication permission, formal comment or an interview, please see contacts for reporters.



ODHS social media accounts are not official ODHS websites, but rather the department's presence on third-party service providers' platforms. ODHS has limited control over how each platform uses personal data provided by users. Users are encouraged to read the privacy policies and Terms of Service of each social media platform before engaging with the department on these platforms.

Communications with ODHS, whether on social media, in an e-mail or traditional mail, are generally considered public information. This means they are subject to disclosure. We recommend that you refrain from including personal information that you wish to remain confidential when interacting with ODHS social media accounts.


ODHS official social media accounts post content that may include things like:

  • News releases regarding ODHS programs, services and activities
  • Information about ODHS programs, services and activities
  • News articles and op-eds relevant to human services
  • Live event streaming
  • Polls and opportunities to provide feedback
  • Photos and videos of interest
  • And more.

Social media will never serve as the primary method of communication for updates related to benefits and assistance. This information will always be available in other formats including, but not limited to, client notices, policy transmittals or news releases.

ODHS may also share content from other social media accounts that may interest our followers and support the department's goals. Links to other resources are provided for your convenience and are intended to point you to additional information that may add perspective. ODHS is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of the content of these links, nor does it explicitly or implicitly endorse these sites or their content.

Post frequency and contact availability

The number of posts to social media platforms vary per day. Most posts occur during regular working hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

ODHS will read comments and direct messages during regular working hours as well. While we may not be able to reply individually to all messages, we will do our best to respond within one business day. We encourage Oregonians with more urgent needs to contact your local ODHS office instead.

Social media is NOT intended to be used as a tool to report suspected abuse, neglect or maltreatment of a child or adult at risk (including older adults and adults with disabilities). Call 855-503-SAFE (7233) to make a report or call 9-1-1 if an individual is in immediate danger.

In addition, platform updates may cause downtime that is out of ODHS control because they are managed by a third party. ODHS accepts no responsibility for social media platforms becoming unresponsive or unavailable.

Following and unfollowing

ODHS follows users related to business interests, such as other ODHS accounts, federal, state and local governments, grantees and other partners, elected officials acting in their official capacity, media organizations and reporters.

The department's decision to follow a particular social media account, or the appearance of a user as a follower of ODHS, does not imply endorsement of any kind.


ODHS strives to post accessible content on our social media platforms. ODHS videos are closed-captioned, and alternative text (alt text) is included on images. If you find an accessibility issue with our social media content, please email the Office of Communications at

Comment standards

Comments made on social media accounts will not constitute legal or official notice to ODHS, the State of Oregon, or its officials and employees. We do not guarantee that the information contained in public comments is correct. ODHS is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from reliance on this information. These comment standards may be updated at any time to ensure their continued application is consistent with relevant law and maintain social media forums as safe places for discussion and education.

ODHS invites you to share positive and respectful ideas, information, opinions and stories. Participation in public commentary is at your own risk. Individuals are fully responsible for anything they post in comments, including links, videos, photos and other material.

Comments made by the public on ODHS social media platforms are reviewed. While comments will not be edited, they may be hidden or deleted without notification if they include the following:

  • Comments that discriminate against a group of persons distinguished by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability, age, or any other class protected by law.
  • Comments that defame (false statements that are assertion of fact that cause damage to the reputation of another). This does not include opinions.
  • Comments that threaten (a stated intent to inflict harm or loss on another) any person or organization.
  • Comments that suggest or promote illegal activity (such as attempting to commit a crime, committing a crime, or encouraging others to commit a crime).
  • Comments that promote or oppose any person campaigning for election to a political office or that promote or oppose any ballot measure.
  • Comments that violate a legal ownership interest of any other party (i.e. copyright or trademark infringement).
  • Solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any financial, business or commercial entity.
  • Comments that disclose information that ODHS is required to keep confidential by law or administrative rule or that may compromise the safety or security of the state, including state employees.
  • Content that includes sensitive personal identifying information, including, but not limited to social security numbers, financial account numbers, or driver's license numbers.
  • Spam.
  • Links to malware.

ODHS also reserves the right to delete any other comments or materials deemed inappropriate that are not covered by the preceding list. Comments expressing dissatisfaction with ODHS and its policies or programs in an appropriate way shall remain visible.

We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium. Unfortunately, our monitoring capabilities are not. We trust in the maturity of our community to ignore personal attacks, negative speech or any other site violations until we are able to respond. We make every effort to moderate all comments in a timely manner.