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Child-Caring Agencies Rules

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Rule numbering change

In December 2022, Oregon Administrative Rules for the Children's Care Licensing Program were moved from Chapter 413 to Chapter 419. This move did not change any rule language. Below is the announcement and a crosswalk to match the old rule numbers to the new rule numbers. CCLP is working to ensure all public forms and rule numbers are updated.

"" CCLP Rule Moving Message

"" CCLP Rule Crosswalk - Old rules to new rules

Rules coordinator: Jenifer McIntosh, 503-979-7331,

Adopted rules

Child-Caring Agency Licensing Umbrella Rules​: ​OAR 419-400-0005 to OAR 419-400-0310

​There are agency-specific rules that apply to child-caring agencies based on the types of services they provide. Agency-specific OAR rules are listed below. Links to rules on this page go to the Oregon Secretary of State website.

​All links are external, you will be redirected to the Oregon Secretary of State OAR site.

Recent permanent rule filings are listed in the table below.

Temporary rules

Rulemaking notices