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Third Party CDL Testing

This page is for customers needing commercial (CDL) licenses. If you are needing to take a Class C driving test to get your license, you have the option to test with a DMV contracted Class C testing business.

Commercial Skills Test

  • A third party CDL tester can conduct skills tests for Class A, B, or C commercial driver licenses only.
  • CDL skills tests must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Before scheduling a skills test, you will need the following:
    • A valid Oregon Driver License issued at least 14 days prior to testing; and
    • A valid Oregon Commercial Learner Permit issued at least 14 days prior to testing.
    • Complete entry-level driver training or be grandfathered from the requirements.
  • Before taking the skills test, you must:
    • Pass all required knowledge tests; and
    • Show the third party CDL tester your driver license and commercial learner permit.
  • The examiner will charge a fee, set by them, for your test. You will have to pay issuance and other fees to DMV when you get your CDL.
  • After you pass your CDL skills tests, you must wait one business day before going to a DMV office to get your CDL.
  • Anyone who trained you on any portion of the CDL skills test cannot conduct your test. Also, a third party examiner working for a commercial truck or bus driver training school cannot test a driver who has been trained by anyone who works at the school.

List of CDL Testers

The Coast

Central Oregon

Eastern Oregon

Portland Area

Southern Oregon

Willamette Valley

Concerns About a Third-Party Tester or Examiner?

If you suspect that a third-party tester or examiner has committed fraud, broken the rules, or if they try to get a bribe from you, please call 503-947-4019 or send a message to the Third Party Programs.