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Keeping Records

All motor carriers operating in Oregon must maintain records of their motor vehicle operations for a period of three years and must produce these records for inspection upon request. If operating under the International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Agreement, carriers must maintain all records pertaining to such operations as required by IRP and IFTA.

Why keep records?

A motor carrier should view good recordkeeping as a way to save time and money. Maintaining good records allows auditors to verify the accuracy of operations including taxes and fees paid by a motor carrier. Without adequate records, additional fees and penalties may be assessed.

How to Keep Tax Records

The Commerce and Compliance Division has a motor carrier’s guide to recordkeeping with detailed information about:
  • How do I record all that information?
  • What information must be kept?
  • How long do I keep records?
  • Who's going to look at those records?

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Other Resources

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