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Limited Vision Condition Program: Bioptic Lens Adaptive Device Drivers

Oregon state law provides an opportunity for persons with a limited vision condition who use a bioptic telescopic lens to be eligible for restricted driving privileges.  Successful applicants must:

  • Meet vision requirements (see Eligibility);
  • Use a professionally installed Bioptic Telescopic Lens adaptive device (see Limited Vision Condition Driving Privileges); 
  • Successfully complete specialized training (see Getting Licensed); and
  • Provide a Recertification of Limited Vision Condition every two years. A reminder in the form of a Cancellation Notice, including the recertification form, will be sent to the Limited Vision Condition license holder 60 days prior to recertification being due.  Submit the recertification by or before day 60, and the cancellation will not take effect.

An applicant’s vision must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for Oregon driving privileges under the Limited Vision Condition Program:
  • Visual acuity in the better eye with best lens correction must be no better than 20/80 and no worse than 20/200;
  • A visual field must be at least 120 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically;
  • No ocular diagnosis or prognosis may exist that could result in deterioration of your corrected vision below 20/200 within the two year recertification period (see Other Information below); and
  • Vision would be helped when driving by using a bioptic telescopic lens.

Successful applicants receive a standard Class C non-commercial license​ (or instruction permit) with the following restrictions: 
  • Driving only when using a bioptic telescopic lens.  The bioptic lens must be mounted on the carrier lens by the vision specialist who certifies your vision meets eligibility.
  • Driving during daylight hours only. ​​The daylight restriction can be removed when the applicant:
    • Submits a report to DMV from a vision specialist indicating that the person’s vision does not prevent or prohibit safe operation of a motor vehicle at night; and
    • Provides a certificate from a DMV-certified driver training program (see Getting Licensed below for approved program providers) ​rehabilitation training specialist stating the person has successfully completed nighttime training and can safely operate a motor vehicle at night.

To obtain a license under this program…

  • You cannot be suspended, cancelled, or revoked in Oregon or any other state.
  • You must:
    • Turn in any driver license or permit from another state or country, if you have one; or
    • Turn in any driver license or ID card you have from Oregon; and
    • Provide a new certification from a licensed vision specialist every two years.  60 days ahead of when recertification is due, you will be notified by mail in the form of a Cancellation Notice.  Failure to recertify before day 61 will result in a cancellation until recertification is successfully completed.

All applicants must: 

  • Obtain a Report of Limited Vision Examination form for completion and submission to DMV by the vision specialist managing the condition (instructions included at the top of the form).
  • Be fitted by a licensed vision specialist with a bioptic telescopic lens mounted on the carrier lens. 
  • Pass DMV’s knowledge test when never licensed or an out-of-state license expired over a year ago​.
  • Select a DMV-certified Rehabilitation Training Specialist (RTS) for training in the use of a bioptic telescopic lens while driving:

​Jeff T. Lango
Alpine Rehab and Wellness
5933 NE Win Sivers Dr
Portland, OR 97220
​​Judy Ode
Umpqua Community College
2555 Diamond Lake Blvd
Roseburg, OR 97470
Note: Contact your RTS of choice to inquire about the costs and availability of the training.

  • Obtain the Application for Limited Vision Condition Learner’s Permit, (DMV form 735-171D) by calling Driver Specialty Services – 503-945-5083 – or going into a DMV Office.  Complete then submit in a DMV field office along with a check made out to DMV for the $13 application fee (Note: check only). 
    • Note: The selected Driver Training Program RTS must submit to DMV a letter stating they have been retained by the driver for Limited Vision Condition Bioptic Lens Adaptive Device Driver Training.  This RTS’ name must match the name included on the Application for Limited Vision Condition Learners Permit.
  • DMV’s Driver Specialty Services unit processes and issues a paper Limited Vision Condition Learner’s Permit to both the DMV-certified Rehabilitation Training Specialist and the applicant.  The permit only authorizes use during training with the DMV-certified RTS.
  • Enroll in and successfully complete the selected training program. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion will be issued by the DMV-certified RTS to DMV certifying successful completion of the training program.
  • Pass a DMV-provided drive test. Once DMV receives the certificate of completion (the amount of time from issuance to receipt varies depending on how it was issued to DMV), a drive test can be scheduled by calling: (503) 945-5083.
First-time licensed drivers under 18 must also meet all requirements of a provisional driver​: complete 100 hours of supervised driving experience, or 50 hours if you have taken and passed an approved Driver Ed course.

There are several fees to be aware of, including:
  • Class C Knowledge Test - $7.00 
  • Special limited condition learner’s permit - $13.00
  • Class C Instruction Permit - $30.00 (if applicable)
  • Class C Drive Test - $45.00 
  • Class C License - $64.00 (if applicable) 
Note: RTS driver training program fees are separate from DMV.  Check with the training program for those fees.​

  • ​Both your permit and license (when you successfully pass DMV tests) will be mailed to you. Until your license arrives, you will receive an interim card to use as proof of driving privileges.
  • The Post Office will only deliver your license to the address printed on the envelope. Be sure you give DMV the address where you actually receive mail.
  • Photo Rules – anything that covers your face or changes your appearance is not allowed in a photo including:
    • ​Eyeglasses or Sunglasses;
    • Hat or head covering (other than religious);
    • Contacts that change the appearance of the iris;
    • Face paint; and
    • Stickers or bandages.
  • Recertification is required every two years with a Certificate of Vision.  Testing is no longer a routine part of the renewal requirement, effective January 1, 2021. You will be notified by mail 60 days ahead of when recertification is due in the form of a Cancellation Notice with the Certificate of Vision enclosed for completion by the license holder’s vision care ophthalmologist or optometrist.​​  
    • Failure to recertify before day 61 will result in a cancellation until recertification is successfully completed. 
    • ​Failure to recertify within a year of expiration will result in retraining and testing requirements to regain driving privileges.​
  • For more information:  Call Driver Specialty Services at: 503-945-5083.

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