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New to Oregon


As a new Oregon resident, within 30 days you must:

You can also:

You can transfer your motorcycle-endorsed license without testing if it was issued by:

  • Another U.S. state;
  • The District of Columbia;
  • A  Territory of the U.S.; or
  • A Canadian Province.
Be sure to tell us that you want to keep your endorsement when you apply for your driver license.

Learn more about DMV services in Oregon by reading our Quick Tips guide.

Visiting Oregon?

As a visitor, you can legally drive in Oregon if you have a valid driver license from:

  • Any U.S. State or territory
  • The District of Columbia
  • A Canadian Province or another country

You are considered a visitor if:

  • Your permanent residence is outside Oregon;
  • You are in the military stationed in Oregon;
  • You are attending school in Oregon and are paying non-resident tuition; or
  • You do not  plan to take any steps to become a resident of Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions