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This is a comprehensive list of HR Policies. If you do not see a policy listed, please contact: Micky Dryden at 503-584-3583 or

Filling Positions

DAS 40.010.02       Recruitment and Selection
DAS 40.090.01       Employment of Returning Retirees
DAS 40.025.01       Temporary Appointments
DAS 40.025.02       Limited Duration Appointments
DAS 40.065.01       Trial Service
AGP 99.300.01       (Currently being revised) Force Protection Officer Psychological Testing
AGP 99.300.05       (Currently being revised) Criminal History Background Checks    99.300.05_Criminal History Background Checks_Criminal History Release Form_AGP_052020.pdfRelease Form    99.300.05_Criminal History Background Checks_Criminal History Disclosure Form_AGP_052020.pdfDisclosure Form
AGP 99.300.07       (Currently being revised) Criminal History Background Checks for Federal Security Clearances

Workforce Management

DAS 10.011.01     Personnel Records
DAS 20.005.05     Merit Pay System
DAS 50.000.01     Drug-Free Workplace
                            Drug-Free Workplace FAQs
DAS 50.010.02     Violence-Free Workplace
DAS 50.010.03     Maintaining a Professional Workplace     
                            OMD_Complaint FORM_2020.docOMD Complaint Form
DAS 50.010.05     Weapons in the Workplace
DAS 50.010.06     Employee Health & Wellness
DAS 50.015.01     Job Rotation
                            OMD_ADA_Reasonable Accommodation Request.docOMD ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request   OMD_ADA_Physicians_Response_Form.docOMD ADA Physicians Response Form 
DAS 50.035.01     Performance Management Process
                            OMD_Complaint FORM_2020.docOMD Complaint Form
DAS 60.000.05     Vacation Leave
DAS 60.000.10     Special Leaves with Pay
DAS 60.000.15    Family and Medical Leave
                           OMD Agency Policy Adoption Statement
                           Health Care Provider Cert_PD615A.DOCXHealth Care Provider Certification PD615A Form
DAS 60.010.01    Holiday Leave with Pay
                            Holiday Calendar
DAS 60.015.01    Temporary Interruption of Employment  
                           OMD Policy Adoption Statement 
DAS 60.025.01    Donated Leave  
                           Hardship Donated Leave Form.pdfOMD Hardship Donated Leave Request    
DAS 107-004-110 Acceptable Use of State Information Assets (Attachment B Acceptable Use Agreement Signature Page is last page of policy)

AGP 99.100.19    (Currently being revised) Vehicle Access and Use    
AGP 99.100.20    Code of Ethics
                           Code of Ethics Acknowledgement Form

Information Technology and Security

Classification & Compensation
DAS 30.000.01     Position Management

Occupational Health & Safety

                              Release of Liability Form
AGP 99.200.02     (Currently being revised) Safety Committee Policy
AGP 99.200.04     (Currently being revised) Confined Space Entry
AGP 99.200.07     (Currently being revised) Hearing Conservation Policy
AGP 99.200.08     (Currently being revised) Portable Fire Extinguisher and Maintenance
AGP 99.200.09     Health and Wellness   

Training & Development

AGP 99.400.01    (Currently being revised) Statewide Employee Training

Military Lease Agents

AGP 99.100.13     Military Lease Agents

Command Policy Memorandums (CPM)

These policies are issued by The Adjutant General (TAG) and are applicable to State of Oregon Military Department Employees. 

Internal intranet link accessable by Oregon Military Department Employees ONLY and may be found here:  OMD Intranet Link

State Law, Rules & Policies

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