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The Human Resource Policy section develops and implements workforce development and management strategies for Oregon state government; works closely with other DAS divisions and state agencies to implement new or to revise existing state human resource policies and Oregon Administrative Rules, while implementing “best practice” in human resource management; conducts special studies and research on highly complex policy, program, and human resource management issues and makes recommendations to the Governor’s Office and the Chief Operating Officer; and provides consulting services and technical assistance to state agency human resource offices.

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Statewide human resource policies​

Classification & compensation General
Discipline & discharge Position management
Employee leave Rulemaking
Filling positions
Workforce management

Policy index

There are also many policies for agency review.

Policies are listed alphabetically. To sort by number, select the Number column and select "A on top." 

Classification & compensation

Comparability of Work Rule105-020-0001
Employee Contributions to Retirement Rule, "Pick-up" of105-020-0015
Classification Plan Development and Maintenance20-000-0108/24/2001
Job Evaluation and Position Benchmarks20-000-0508/12/1998
General Compensation Policy20-005-0109/24/1999
Merit Pay System20-005-0505/26/201510/21/2004
Pay Practices, includes Pay Differentials20-005-1003/30/2009Addendums
Exceptions to Hay Evaluated Salary20-005-1510/21/2004
Fair Labor Standards Act20-005-2008/05/2005

Management Service Discipline, and Dismissal/Removal70-000-0201/01/201510/08/2008
Management Service Grievance Review70-000-1010/08/2008
Classified Unrepresented Discipline, and Dismissal70-005-0210/08/2008
Classified Unrepresented Grievance Review70-005-0510/08/2008

Alternate Leave Provisions60-000-2003/22/2016Addendums12/29/2003
Donated Leave60-025-0106/07/2010Tool kit & addendum
Expression of Milk and Unpaid Rest Periods60-000-3010/07/2013
Family and Medical Leave60-000-1501/01/2016Toolkit01/01/2014
Holiday Leave with Pay60-010-0111/17/20152018 Holiday Calendar04/09/2010
Leaves without Pay60-000-1108/29/2008
Military Donated Leave Program60-020-0501/01/2010Toolkit
Military Leave60-000-2502/20/201512/07/2007
Sick Leave With Pay60-000-0109/28/2016Toolkit1/1/16
Special Leaves With Pay60-000-1002/24/2015Addendum06/07/2010
Statutorily Required Leaves with and without Pay60-000-1204/22/2015Certification for requested leave01/01/2014
Temporary Interruption of Employment60-015-0111/01/17Leave Guide10/20/16
Vacation Leave60-000-0504/01/2015Addendum06/07/2010
Appointment to the Unclassified Executive Service40-055-0101/17/2006
Current Employee Relocation40-055-107/10/2014Sample Relocation Agreement Current or Recalled Employee
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Rule105-040-0001
Limited duration appointments40-025-0203/01/2016Toolkit
New Employee Relocation40-055-2007/10/2014Sample Relocation Agreement New Employee
Recruitment and Selection40-010-027/1/2016Toolkit
School-To-Work: Career-Related Learning40-025-0511/26/1999
Temporary Appointments40-025-0102/18/2011FAQ
Transfers40-045-0103/15/2016Movement into the Executive Branch09/01/2001
Trial Service Period40-065-0101/01/201509/08/2006
Unclassified Service Employment and Termination40-035-0101/01/2006
Veterans' Preference in Employment40-055-034/10/2018Toolkit
Veterans' Preference in Employment Rule105-040-0015

Audit of Human Resource Management Practices10-025-0105/01/2003
Definitions, Human Resource10-000-017/1/201610/08/2008
Personnel Records10-011-017/1/20161/11/2008
Support of Employee Participation in Mentoring Program10-030-0311/30/2004
Support of Employee's Work and Family Needs10-030-0111/12/201512/06/2006
Effect of Position Classification Change on Incumbents30-005-0112/26/2005
Position Management30-000-0108/05/2005

​​Rule making

Human Resources-Model Rules of Procedure105-001-0005
Human Resources-Notice of Rulemaking105-001-0000

ADA and Reasonable Accommodation in Employment50-020-1006/07/2010Toolkit
Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing of Employees Having Commercial Drivers License Rule105-050-0003
Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace50-010-014/11/18Toolkit
Drug Testing of Employees in Designated Classifications/Positions50-000-0201/31/1996
Drug Testing of Final Applicants for Certain State Classifications|Positions Rule105-050-0004
Drug-Free Workplace50-000-0103/15/2016Marijuana FAQ02/15/2000
Early Return to Work of Injured Workers50-020-0504/06/201605/01/2007
Employee Development & Implementation of Oregon Benchmarks for Workforce Development50-045-0107/19/1995
Employee Health & Wellness50-010-062/12/2018
Employee Performance Recognition Program50-040-0108/20/201508/05/2005
Injured Worker Preference for Entry-level Positions Rule105-050-0030
Injured Worker Preference for Light Duty Assignments Rule105-050-0025
Job Rotation50-015-0108/01/1994
Maintaining a Professional Workplace50-010-0311/01/2013Complaint Form
Managing Improper Governmental Conduct50-090-0101/01/2017Complaint Form
OR Health Ins. Exch. Corp. (ORHIX) Transition50-080-0103/06/2015SB 1 Link
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act50-070-0111/05/2014Toolkit
Performance Management Process50-035-0106/20/2005
Reinstatement and Reemployment of Injured Workers50-020-0306/07/2010
Restoration of Removed Management Service Employees50-030-0101/01/2015FAQ02/08/2006
Telecommuting and Teleworking50-050-0111/09/2009Toolkit
Transition of Agency Head50-060-0111/04/2015Agency Head Appointments12/26/2005
Violence-Free Workplace50-010-0206/07/2010
Weapons in the workplace50-010-0504/28/2017Toolkit
Workplace Effects of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Stalking50-010-0401/01/2014Toolkit
Current state employees with questions should contact their agency's HR office.​

Please note that these policies are statewide, your agency may have additional policies specific to employment with that agency.