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We can help you navigate the process of working with The US Department of Labor's, Office of Workers' Compensation Program which administers benefits, treatment, rehabilitation and other benefits to certain workers or their dependents who experience work-related injury or occupational disease.
What to do if injured:
  1. Immediately report any work-related injury to your supervisor.
  2. You have a right to choose your treating physician.
  3. File claim online using ECOMP (see below)
  4. Keep your supervisor informed.




  • FILE A CLAIM - Begin by registering with ECOMP. After you register and create an ECOMP account, you’ll be able to initiate your claim.
  • CLAIM NUMBER – You’ll receive an email from ECOMP which contains your claim number.
  • OWCP CORRESPONDENCE – Read thoroughly ALL correspondence from the Office of Workers Compensation (OWCP).
  • MEDICAL BILLING – It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide the medical billing information and your claim number to EVERY medical provider – i.e. urgent care, attending physician, pharmacy, physical therapist, etc. 
Mailing Address:                                                         Electronic Submission: OWCP Medical Billing
US Department of Labor OWCP                                 Medical Authorization Fax: 800-215-4901
Central Mailroom                                                         Prescription Inquiries: 866-664-5581
PO Box 8300                                                               Provider Help Desk: 800-461-4785
London, KY 40742-3800                                                 
  • DOCUMENTATION – ALL OWCP CLAIMS REQUIRE SUPPORTING MEDICAL EVIDENCE. Documents pertinent to your claim should be submitted via the “upload document” feature in ECOMP. Timely submission will assist OWCP with development and adjudication of your claim. ALL original documents must be included in your agency’s reference case file.
  • CA-17 DUTY STATUS REPORT – This form is REQUIRED to obtain or retain benefits. Provide a copy to your supervisor and HRO EVERY time medical treatment is received until you are returned to full duty. 
  • CONTINUATION OF PAY (COP) - You may be eligible for uninterrupted pay beyond the Date of Injury (DOI) for a period not to exceed 45 calendar days. 
  • Time and Attendance
    • DOI is coded LU Administrative Leave – COP is coded LT 
  • Provide valid MEDICAL EVIDENCE within 10 CALENDAR DAYS of your DOI 
  • CA-20 Attending Physician's Report is REQUIRED for compensation of wages. Provide a copy to your supervisor and HRO to be maintained in your case file. 
  • Failure to provide appropriate documentation may result in the termination of COP - the Department of Labor (DOL) directs the agency to change COP absences to annual, sick, or LWOP. 
  • AFTER COP EXPIRES – coordinate with your supervisor and HRO. 
  • You will be placed in Leave Without Pay (LWOP). 
  • File a CA-7 Claim for Compensation NOT LESS THAN 7 working days prior to the expiration of COP. 
  • Provide medical documentation supporting any periods of disability claimed. 
  • Complete form SF-1199a Direct Deposit Form. OWCP requires wet signatures. 
  • OWCP will determine if there is sufficient information on file to pay compensation.   


  • PROVIDER SEARCH – Select Program: Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA).
  • SEATTLE DISTRICT OFFICE – For questions regarding your claim - 206-470-3100. Leave a detailed message with your full name, reason for calling, call back number and claim number. They will respond within 3 workdays. 


  • A formal decision will be sent to the employee – specific reason for denying the case and discusses the evidence which led to the decision – copies are sent to an agency representative.
  • If you disagree with the decision – you have a right to request an of appeal. 
PRIOR MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION - Most claims are accepted and closed without review because the injuries are minor.  Medical expenses will be paid up to $1500 in these cases.  If the injury is more serious and requires additional treatment such as physical therapy, an MRI, a CT scan or surgery, a written request from the provider must be submitted.  OWCP must approve these requests before the procedure can be scheduled.   All requests are to be submitted using the OWCP automated bill pay system (ACS).  OWCP will require a medical report from the treating physician that contains a history of the injury, physical findings present upon examination, any test results, a diagnosis and an opinion as to how the diagnosed condition is related to incident or exposures as alleged.  OWCP will render a decision on the requested procedure. 
STATUTORY EXCLUSIONS - Benefits cannot be paid if injury or death is caused by willful misconduct of the injured employee, by intent to bring about the injury or death of oneself or another, or by intoxication of the injured employee.