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Effective October 2, 2019, applicants for Structural Engineering registration will no longer be able to use their NCEES Record in lieu of the application forms. See the rulemaking on OAR 820-010-4000 for details.

Registration Application Deadlines

Completed registration applications are reviewed by OSBEELS Registration Specialists to ensure that the candidate has provided proof of meeting the minimum qualifications. After the review is complete, the Registration Specialists recommend that the Board approve complete applications at the next Board meeting. To ensure that a complete application will be reviewed in enough time to go before the Board, it must be received by the OSBEELS office in accordance with the following schedule:

Registration Applications for Professionals (PE, PLS, RPP)

SE Applications

OAR 820-010-4000(4)(e) requires SE applicants to provide at least 2 years of structural engineering experience that includes: “the design, analysis, evaluation, peer review or quality control of either the primary structural frame and its elements or parts or the lateral force resisting system and its elements or parts, for at least two significant structures."

To ensure that SE applications meet this requirement, all SE applications are reviewed by the OSBEELS Examinations and Qualifications Committee (EQC). To accommodate this additional review, SE applications adhere to a different deadline schedule.


Enrollment Applications for Interns (EI, LSI)

In order to qualify for an EI/LSI registration, applicants must have passed a fundamentals course administered by NCEES - either fundamentals engineering (FE) or fundamentals of land surveying exam (FLS). Then the applicant must submit an EI/LSI application enrollment form with the appropriate fee.

Frequently Asked Application Questions

We do not have an online submission.  While you may fax or email other OSBEELS forms, License Applications must be mailed or hand delivered.​​
Once your application is received by OSBEELS, fees are processed and the Registration Department reviews the application to determine eligibility. Upon approval, your application is then sent for final approval by the Board at the next Board meeting. Upon approval by the Board, your licensure will begin and a pocket card will be sent to you. The process can take from 2 to 4 months depending upon when the application is received by the Board office. See our list of application deadlines for a better idea of when completed applications will be reviewed by the Board.
OSBEELS does not require firm licensure.
Payments must be made in writing via standard mail, email, or fax.
No. However, if you meet Oregon’s requirements for registration, irrespective of whether you are registered in another state or how you may have gained registration in another state, you may be granted registration in Oregon without re-testing. Only applications submitted on our current forms will be accepted.​
Upon initial review, applicants who meet the minimum qualifications may be issued​ a temporary permit to practice until the Board reviews their application.  See OSBEELS fees here.​  See ORS 672.109​ for details.

The record of your Social Security number will be used for child support, administration and identification purposes only, unless you authorize other uses of the number. Failing to provide your Social Security number on your license renewal application will result in a delay of your renewal and you will be informed to submit your Social Security number. If during the renewal process your professional license become expired, you will be categorized as “delinquent” and will be assessed an additional $80 fee.  If you have not been issued a Social Security number, OSBEELS will accept a written certification to fulfil this requirement.


No. Interns may only practice under the direct supervision of a licensee and may not hold themselves out as a Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor.


​No. Be sure to gain professional experience under the supervision and control of a registered professional in your specialty. You'll need at least 3 references from registered professionals for your application.

The NCEES Records Program is for currently licensed engineers and surveyors who are looking for an easier and faster way to complete the licensure process in multiple states. An established NCEES Record will include many of the materials you will need to apply for licensure in Oregon including college transcripts, exam results, experience record and professional references.
Applicants who transmit their records to OSBEELS through the NCEES Records Program (NCEES may charge a transmission fee), should check the “Have you established an NCEES Record?” box at the bottom of Section A. Your NCEES Record will detail your Education Summary, Exam Summary, References, and Experience Summary sections of the application. You can skip those sections. The remainder of the application must be completed in its entirety.

See the following OARs for detailed information: OAR 820-010-1000, OAR 820-010-2000, OAR 820-010-3000, and OAR 820-010-4000.

Your work experience is calculated based on dates provided on the G-1: Experience Details form and verified by the reference forms (F-1) submitted with your application package. If you are unable to provide the required references, then you may request a waiver. Please see the Reference Waiver Matrix.​​

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