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Nonmotorized and Electric Motor Waterbodies

The interactive map below lists many waterbodies designated as "electric motor only or "no motors allowed." Click on any colored areas on the map for any additional regulations for boat operations. If the waterbody is not colored (such as some river sections), there are no additional regulations, and motorized boats may be operating in the area. All statewide slow -no wake proximity rules apply. 


Zoom in to the region where you plan to boat and click on a color to see the waterbody information. Restrictions are indicated by color.

Purple depicts waterways designated “Motor use prohibited” which means the boat motors cannot be used when on the waterway.

Green depicts waterways designed “Electric motor only” which means electric motorized boats and nonmotorized boats can use the waterway.

Orange represents waterways that have motorized boating use and a portion of the waterway is also designated for electric motor or nonmotorized use. Be prepared to encounter motorized boaters when transiting the waterway to get to those designated areas.

Blue depicts waterways with designated speed limits of 5 mph or less (or designated slow no-wake).