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Clean Marinas

Boat Clean Bear Sticker

The Oregon Clean Marina Program, administered by the Oregon State Marine Board, helps:

  • marinas
  • boatyard
  • yacht clubs
  • floating home moorages

This voluntary program educates facility managers on how to protect and improve local water quality by promoting the use of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas. The program provides the tools, supplies, and consultation. Facilities earn certification after adopting clean marina practices, complying with existing environmental regulations, and committing to a cleaner marine environment to help protect Oregon's waterways.

Designated Clean Marinas earn a Clean Marina Flag and logo to use in their advertising. Boaters will know when they see the flag and logo, that they are looking at a marina that cares about the Oregon waterways. Marine facility managers also learn how to cut or reduce polluting materials in a waterway. They learn how to dispose of oil, paint, cleaning chemicals, sewage, fish waste, and trash. This goes a long way in helping the environment.

There are 63 certified Clean Marinas. There are approximately 175 public and private marinas in the state. Becoming a certified Clean Marina is FREE.

In 2021, more standards were added for re-certification:

  • Compliance with Oregon's boat registration requirements
  • Seaworthiness of boats moored at the docks
  • Insurance coverage for the salvage and clean-up of abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs).

Clean Marina Re-Certifications

Participating facilities receive re-certification site visits every three years. These ensure that each facility is still meeting the standards of the program. During these visits, if deficiencies are found, the program coordinator offers ways to fix them. Any needed supplies are also delivered. The following facilities were recertified in 2022:

  • Big Eddy Marina
  • Columbia Ridge Marina
  • Dikeside Moorage
  • Embarcadero Marina
  • Irrigon Marina
  • Jantzen Beach Moorage
  • McCuddy's Island Marina
  • Oregon Yacht Club
  • Odell Lake Resort Marina
  • Promontory Park
  • Pelton Park Marina
  • Pelican Marina
  • Port of Arlington
  • Port of The Dalles
  • Port of Umatilla
  • Port of Toledo
  • Rocky Pointe Marina
  • Rocky Point Resort
  • Schooner Creek Boat Works
  • Skipanon Marina
  • Waverly Marina
  • Willamette Sailing Club

Marina Spot-Checks

In 2017, facility spot-checks were done to assist participating marinas between scheduled visits. When agency staff travels the state, they perform short, unannounced site evaluations of certified facilities along the travel route. Spot-checks help both the Marine Board and the Clean Marinas in maintaining their facilities. This also helps keep alignment with program standards, and for staff to provide needed program materials.

Certified Clean Marina

Welcome to the Clean Marina Family!

Joseph Stewart Park Marina – located on Lost Creek Reservoir, Jackson County

Gold Anchor Award Program 

This annual award is now in its third year recognizing certified facilities that are going above and beyond with their efforts to protect the environment. We realize that all program participants are doing good work and that remaining a certified marina after your reoccurring three-year evaluation is a major accomplishment for all participants. However, every summer a facility (marina or boatyard) stands out as going above and beyond, and we would like to formally recognize those participants. The group eligible for this award are the facilities that completed their re-certification during the previous year's field season (Summer of 2022 for this cycle).

This year's award goes to the Schooner Creek Boat Works facility and their management of a large boatyard on Hayden Island in Portland. The General Manager at this boatyard is Pascal Le Guilly and this facility received its Clean Marina Certification back in 2011. Upon first entering this facility it's immediately evident that the staff takes great care in keeping very organized and clean. They actively recycle just about everything they can, from all metals used in projects to standard cardboard, plastics, and glass. They even participate in a paint waste recycle program where all sanded paint dust (collected by high-efficiency vacuum sanders equipped with HEPA filters) is stored in a large plastic bin lined with a heavy-duty storage bag, has an airtight lid, and is stored in an area with cover from the weather. This bin is then collected by the World Resources Company, which is an environmental risk management and recycling service company. This company is committed to doing its part to help guarantee green supply-chain energy security and protect the environment.

The services offered include:

• Over 30 years of experience in recycling industrial residues

• Fully permitted, state-of-the-art recycling facility

• Provide a no-cost waste recyclability evaluation

• Account executive assigned to provide one-on-one customer service

• Organize all transportation logistics

• Provide pre-printed shipping documentation

• ISO Certified – 9001 / 14001 / 45001

• Issue annual recycling certificates

• Close the product lifecycle loop – eliminating cradle-to-grave liability

• Are a carbon-neutral company

Additionally, Schooner Creek is a big supporter of boat bottom paint that doesn't contain heavy metals or other harmful chemicals. Ultimately, the EPA has the authority to regulate the ingredients of boat bottom paint, which has changed several times over the past couple of decades. Schooner Creek staff do their best to inform and educate their customers on the pros and cons of different paint ingredients and try to match the appropriate type of paint to how and where the boat will be used (e.g., freshwater or saltwater use).

Learn more about Schooner Creek Boat Works. See pictures of their impressive facility and you'll see why they deserved the Golden Anchor Award.

Award recipients are presented with a framed certificate signed by the agency Director.