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Clean Marinas

Boat Clean Bear Sticker

The Oregon Clean Marina Program, administered by the Oregon State Marine Board, helps:

  • marinas
  • boatyard
  • yacht clubs
  • floating home moorages

This voluntary program educates facility managers on how to protect and improve local water quality by promoting the use of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas. The program provides the tools, supplies, and consultation. Facilities earn certification after adopting clean marina practices, complying with existing environmental regulations, and committing to a cleaner marine environment to help protect Oregon's waterways.

Designated Clean Marinas earn a Clean Marina Flag and logo to use in their advertising. Boaters will know when they see the flag and logo, that they are looking at a marina that cares about the Oregon waterways. Marine facility managers also learn how to cut or reduce polluting materials in a waterway. They learn how to dispose of oil, paint, cleaning chemicals, sewage, fish waste, and trash. This goes a long way in helping the environment.

There are 63 certified Clean Marinas. There are approximately 175 public and private marinas in the state. Becoming a certified Clean Marina is FREE.

In 2021, more standards were added for re-certification:

  • Compliance with Oregon's boat registration requirements
  • Seaworthiness of boats moored at the docks
  • Insurance coverage for the salvage and clean-up of abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs).

Clean Marina Re-Certifications

Participating facilities receive re-certification site visits every three years. These ensure that each facility is still meeting the standards of the program. During these visits, if deficiencies are found, the program coordinator offers ways to fix them. Any needed supplies are also delivered. The following facilities were recertified in 2023:

  • Coos Bay Yacht Club
  • Garibaldi Marina
  • Hayden Bay Marina
  • Island Cove Floating Homes
  • Jantzen Bay Marina
  • McCuddy's Big Oak Marina
  • McCuddy's Landing Marina
  • McCuddy's Marine Drive Marina
  • Port of Astoria Marina
  • Port of Astoria Boatyard
  • Port of Brookings Harbor
  • Port of Bandon Marina
  • Port of Columbia County
  • Scappoose Bay
  • Port of Coos Bay Marina
  • Port of Coos Bay Shipyard
  • Port of Garibaldi Marina
  • Port of Gold Beach
  • Port of Newport
  • South Beach Marina
  • Salmon Harbor Marina
  • Sundance Marina
  • Tomahawk Bay Marina

Marina Spot-Checks

In 2017, facility spot-checks were done to assist participating marinas between scheduled visits. When agency staff travels the state, they perform short, unannounced site evaluations of certified facilities along the travel route. Spot-checks help both the Marine Board and the Clean Marinas in maintaining their facilities. This also helps keep alignment with program standards, and for staff to provide needed program materials.

Certified Clean Marina

Welcome to the Clean Marina Family!

Joseph Stewart Park Marina – located on Lost Creek Reservoir, Jackson County

Gold Anchor Award Program 

Our annual award is now in its fourth year recognizing certified facilities going above and beyond in their efforts to protect the environment. The group eligible for this award are the facilities that completed their re-certification during the previous year's field season (Summer of 2023 for this cycle).

This year's award was the most difficult decision to date. Three coastal marinas stood out from the rest, but the winner is the Port of Brookings Harbor!

The Port became a certified facility in 2012 and consistently improves each year. Every time I visit this southern port, I'm impressed with the professionalism of Port Manager Travis Webster and his staff put into managing their facilities. Whenever there's a recommendation Travis and his staff have always been very receptive to the suggested improvement. This was absolutely the case back a few years ago when the new Abandoned Derelict Vessel prevention standards came on-line. This port, as was the case with most ports along the coast, was struggling with low boat registration compliance along with moored, unseaworthy boats that had unresponsive or missing owners. I remember walking the port's docks in 2020, documenting the boat registration non-compliance issue, and interacting with a boat owner who happened to be on his boat that day. As I walked by with my agency uniform on while holding a clipboard, he commented to me and said, “It's about time someone from the state has come down here to start doing something about all of these boats that are out of compliance. I do my part to register my boat so maybe you can do something about all of these other boaters?" My response was, “I'm here documenting the problem and will be working with the port staff to find solutions. Thank you for registering your boat with the Marine Board and hopefully you will notice a difference during the coming years." What a big difference out on the docks at this port, now! When the ADV prevention standards became formalized in 2021 and guidance was given to certified facilities to start implementation, the Brookings staff didn't hesitate to start the process. They started inventorying the problem out on the docks and contacting boat owners who needed to address issues with their vessels. They started educating owners about federally documented boats also requiring Marine Board registration under state law; ultimately, holding moorage customers accountable for compliance with marina rules as outlined in signed contracts.

The Port of Brookings was also the first facility to apply under the AVRAP Program to the Marine Board (see 2022 and 2023 newsletters for more details) for financial assistance ANNUAL GOLDEN ANCHOR AWARD Port of Brookings GOLDEN ANCHOR AWARD CONT. Spring 2024 Page 9 to remove abandoned boats from their facility. Now, if a boat doesn't meet established regulations, port staff will actively work with the owners on seaworthiness and compliance, offering to help find the least costly solution for their situation without having to use penalties but rather incentives, to gain compliance. The Port of Brookings also owns an adjacent boatyard, to hoist boats out of the water and allow owners to work on necessary maintenance activities. The Port also implemented a payment plan for those who might not have the financial means to pay for everything all at once. By intervening early and offering solutions to those who are willing to work together in good faith, this port has been able to interrupt the cycle of boats becoming abandoned at the docks and consequently negatively impacting the environment. It's been reported that the entire marina during March this year had 100% compliance with boat registrations. Only a few boats are on the port's list for completing maintenance. Seaworthiness demonstrations are now common practice monthly if deemed necessary by port staff. Other implemented best management practices include:

• fish cleaning station, which is fully enclosed and able to be locked at night. stormwater drains in parking lots have oil-absorbent materials installed and are replaced twice a year.

• upgraded the fuel dispensing pump, along with a rebuild of the floating fuel dock itself and the uplands area that connects this dock to the shore.

• maintain two separate boat sewage pumpout stations and have their used oil and antifreeze collection area located inside a locked shipping container for better control of what goes into the tanks (customers have to contact the Port office for disposal). These collection tanks are completely out of the weather elements adding to the environmental protection.

Great job and congratulations to the Port of Brookings on their well-deserved recognition!

Award recipients are presented with a framed certificate signed by the agency Director.