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Clean Marinas

Boat Clean Bear Sticker

The Oregon Clean Marina Program, administered by the Oregon State Marine Board, helps:

  • marinas
  • boatyard
  • yacht clubs
  • floating home moorages

This voluntary program educates facility managers on how to protect and improve local water quality by promoting the use of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas. The program provides the tools, supplies, and consultation. Facilities earn certification after adopting clean marina practices, complying with existing environmental regulations, and committing to a cleaner marine environment to help protect Oregon's waterways.

Designated Clean Marinas earn a Clean Marina Flag and logo to use in their advertising. Boaters will know when they see the flag and logo, that they are looking at a marina that cares about the Oregon waterways. Marine facility managers also learn how to cut or reduce the amount of polluting materials in a waterway. They learn how to dispose of oil, paint, cleaning chemicals, sewage, fish waste, and trash. This goes a long way in helping the environment.

There are 62 certified Clean Marinas. There are approximately 175 public and private marinas in the state. Becoming a certified Clean Marina is FREE.

In 2021, more standards were added for re-certification:

  • Compliance with Oregon's boat registration requirements
  • Seaworthiness of boats moored at the docks
  • Insurance coverage for the salvage and clean-up of abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs).

Clean Marina Re-Certifications

Participating facilities receive re-certification site visits every three years. These ensure that each facility is still meeting the standards of the program. During these visits, if deficiencies are found, the program coordinator offers ways to fix them. Any needed supplies are also delivered. The following facilities were recertified in 2021:

  • Port of Alsea
  • City of Depoe Bay Harbor
  • Port of Siuslaw
  • Rivers Bend Marina
  • Multnomah Channel Yacht Club
  • Portland Yacht Club
  • Rose City Yacht Club
  • Columbia Point Yacht Club
  • Channel Island Marina
  • River Place Marina
  • Port of Hood River
  • Port of Cascade Locks
  • Cove Palisades Resort

Marina Spot-Checks

In 2017, facility spot-checks were done to assist participating marinas between scheduled visits. When agency staff travels the state, they perform short, unannounced site evaluations of certified facilities along the travel route. Spot-checks help both the Marine Board and the Clean Marinas in maintaining their facilities. This also helps keep alignment with program standards, and for staff to provide needed program materials.

Certified Clean Marina

Welcome to the Clean Marina Family!

Eugene Yacht Club – located on Fern Ridge Reservoir 

McCuddy’s Big Oak Marina – located in Scappoose on the Multnomah Channel 

Salpare Bay Marina – located in Portland on Hayden Island along the Columbia River

Gold Anchor Award Program 

Since 2021, annual recognition awards are presented to a facility that either scored the highest on its re-certification site visit or went above and beyond with its efforts to protect the environment. The group eligible for this award are the facilities that completed their re-certifications during the previous year's field season (2021 for this cycle).

This year's award goes to the City of Depoe Bay and its management of the Depoe Bay Harbor Marina. Roy Hildenbrand is the marina Harbormaster. Hildebrand has gone through several re-certifications with Marine Board staff. Depoe Bay is considered a medium-sized marina, with 83 moorage slips and many side tie-up dock locations. There is also an adjacent boat ramp facility with a city park and recycling containers for garbage and used fishing lines. The fish cleaning table was relocated at the marina, away from the water's edge. There is now no direct discharge of fish waste into the harbor. The wastewater goes to the city's sewer system for treatment. The facility also offers a collection tank for used oil with:

  • a spill containment area
  • well-kept fuel dispensing system and
  • high use of the small plastic "No-Spill Jug" during fueling operations. The
  • well-maintained pumpout station which is heavily used

Depoe Bay Harbor Marina scored a perfect 100% on the newly implemented ADV prevention management practices. All boats were up to date with valid registration stickers and were void of any derelict boats!

Congratulations City of Depoe Bay and keep up the great work, Roy!

Award recipients are presented with a framed certificate signed by the agency Director.