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Marine Sanitation Devices

What is a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)?  It is any equipment installed on a boat designed to collect, treat, or discharge sewage and human waste that can accumulate onboard boats (recreational and commercial).

If you are using a boat toilet on an Oregon waterbody that has been determined as a navigable water of the United States by the US Coast Guard, a Type I or Type II marine sanitation device may be used to treat black waste, or a Type III marine sanitation device may be used to collect the black waste.  If you are boating on any other inland waterway in Oregon, a Type I or Type II marine sanitation device cannot be discharged and any marine sanitation device must have the wye valve secured in the closed position.  

When collecting black waste in a Type III marine sanitation device or portable toilet on any waterbody in Oregon, including the coastal seas out to three nautical miles, black waste must not be discharged.  Instead, the black waste should be disposed of using a facility such as a boat pumpout or dump station.  

New rules were approved in 2019 for recreational boat marine sanitation device requirements that now mirror federal discharge regulations.

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