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Towed Watersports Education Program


As of January 1, 2020, people engaged in wakeboard and wake surfing in the Newberg Pool (Willamette River, RM 30-50, roughly between Roger's Landing and Bernert Landing) are required to take a Towed Watersports Education Course and carry a Towed Watersports Education Card. This is proof for law enforcement that the boat operator is knowledgeable in towed watersports safety, wave management techniques, and operator responsibilities for accident prevention. Boat operators can complete this requirement by studying our course material and taking an equivalency exam. In addition, boats used for wakeboarding and wake surfing must have decals certifying that the owner/operator completed the Towed Watersports Education Program. 

Click the link below for a copy of the study guide.

Towed Watersports Study Guide - NEW RULES STARTING JULY 1


New Wake Surfing Zones Effective July 1, 2020

Newberg Pool Wake Surfing Zones effective July 1, 2020

Yellow Zone 1, river miles 46-47.6, in which wake surfing and waterskiing are allowed but other towed watersports are prohibited;

Yellow Zone 2, river miles 31.8-33.2, in which wake surfing is allowed but all other towed watersports are prohibited.

All Red Zones, wake surfing is prohibited; all other towed watersports are allowed.

All towed watersport participants must observe applicable proximity rules for slow-no wake:

  • Wake surfing: 300 feet from dock structures
  • Wakeboarding and Tubing: 200 feet from dock structures
  • Waterskiing: 100 feet from dock structures

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