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Waterway Markers

Waterway Markers are devices, such as buoys or signs, designed to be placed in, or near water to convey an official message to a boat operator. “Regulatory markers” alert boat operators to restrictions set in law including, but not limited to, boat exclusion areas and motor, horsepower, speed, or wake restrictions.  “Information markers” convey information to boat operators other than regulatory matters, such as warnings of dangers or obstructions to navigation or other information of an official nature which will contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of boaters.

Regulatory markers established before July 1, 2015, including markers deployed year-round and markers deployed seasonally, when supported by statute or rule, are exempt from the permit requirements of OAR 250-010-0215 to 250-010-0235 until the equipment is replaced. Existing regulatory markers that are not supported by statute or rule or that are an unreasonable hazard to navigation are subject to the removal provisions of OAR 250-010-0235(4).
For markers established after July 1, 2015: political subdivisions and individuals can apply for permission to place regulatory and information markers in areas not marked by the Marine Board. Regulatory markers can only be placed in areas where regulations are already established. Informational markers can be used to convey information to boat operators that is not an enforceable law such as "marina ahead," "fuel dock," or "caution -swimmers."  
***Please note***
A Marine Board waterway marker permit does not relieve the applicant from obtaining other federal, state, or local permits, licenses, or approval that may be required.

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