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Boat Oregon Newsletter

Improving Outreach to YOU

So much has changed, especially with technology and how people consume information. This is the maiden voyage of a digital newsletter for the 2022 boating season with relevant information about safety, programs, and other resources to better serve the recreational boating communities in Oregon. 

Opportunities and Access Report

Recent rains are good news for water levels throughout the state, but water levels in many Oregon lakes and reservoirs can fluctuate rapidly. This could mean that some boat ramps are high and dry for some of the year while others are underwater at certain times. But if the location you plan to access is unavailable due to water level, there's a good chance that another great boating opportunity is nearby. The Marine Board is committed to providing boaters with current boating access usability information. Therefore, the agency has developed the Opportunity and Access Report that incorporates information from federal, state, and local boating access facility operators and fellow boaters on boating access opportunities and potential limitations for trailered and carry-down watercraft. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information so boaters can decide on where to recreate and what to expect this season and beyond. Subscribe to receive email updates. Subscribe to receive the report in your inbox!

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Know Before You Go & Play Nice

There's no denying that water recreation use is increasing, and with low water conditions, some areas may become more crowded. We can all do our part to show courtesy, practice good launching etiquetteand render aid to a boater in need. Share the water and respect the needs of others.

Trip Check for Boaters

Check out our Waterway Obstruction Dashboard. It's a great tool to help you map where to put in and take out -and avoid potential danger. There's also a reporting tool if you encounter an obstruction not yet captured in the data! Check out the Users Guide.

Safety Starts with Preparation

The sun has an amazing way of energizing everything! And when it shines, boaters get the itch to prepare their boats for the season.

Depending on the type of boat and your primary activities, preparing for the season varies in complexity. Every boater should take the extra time to make sure all safety equipment is in good order and know how to use it. 

It is also critical to inspect and test your inflatable life jackets. Inflatable life jackets require routine maintenance and regular testing. Please read the manufacturer label and follow instructions for maintenance and testing. In the past few years, several recreational boaters have drowned in Oregon when their inflatable life jacket failed to deploy or did not have the COcartridge installed properly. Harness-style inflatable life jackets also need to fit loosely. If possible, manually inflate the jacket (try it out in a pool) and adjust the strap for a comfortable fit. Learn how to use the oral inflation/deflation tube, too. 

Learn about equipment requirements for your boat type along with statewide regulations. The Marine Board wants all boaters to have a safe and enjoyable experience on Oregon's waterways.

Come Explore Westport -A mixed-use boating access facility makeover 15 years in the making

In 2007, Clatsop County had a vision for Westport County Park to turn into a first-class boating facility. Their vision turned into a long-term multi-phased project, spanning over a decade. Construction started last summer and was dedicated on February 1, 2022, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Marine Board Member Laura Jackson was in attendance.

The Westport facility is nestled in the protected Westport Slough, with direct access to the Columbia River. The renovated facility features an accessible nonmotorized boat dock with a 120-foot by 5-foot gangway to reduce the slope during low tide and improve usability for persons with mobility challenges. The gangway also connects to the short-term tie-up dock for motorized boaters. The new two-lane concrete boat ramp, aluminum boarding docks, flush restroom, large boat trailer, single car parking areas, day-use, and park host make this a safe and inviting destination for all recreational boaters.

Learn more about this project and other facility projects underway.