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Survey of Boaters

The Oregon State Marine Board thanks you for participating in recreational boating and invites you to participate in our “Survey of Boaters." This survey is open now through February 29, 2024. The survey is designed to allow you to provide details for as many boating experiences you enjoyed each month by waterway, boat type, and activity from July 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023. The survey is also fast and easy, accessible through any device.  

The agency is self-supporting through user fees (plus gas tax and federal grants) and looks to boaters for feedback on where their dollars should be invested.

We conduct surveys to learn about what types of boating activities you enjoy at different times of the year and on which waterways. The data is closely evaluated and used to directly inform our Board and agency leaders on how to best serve you. Eighty-seven cents of every dollar are returned to boaters in the form of boating facility access grants, marine law enforcement services, education, and on-water learning opportunities that promote safety and environmental stewardship.  

After the survey results have been compiled, this Boater Survey page will include a dashboard for viewing the results.

Your valuable input helps us better understand boaters' needs, helps shape future decisions and improves services for all boaters.

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