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CJIS Training Unit

The CJIS Training Unit provides instruction and guidance relating to CJIS processes at your agency. Following the LEDS Manual and CJIS Security Policy, the CJIS Training Unit facilitates in-person and web-based training on several different topics, including, but not limited to: LEDS Rep (TAC) 101 Overviews, LEDS 20/20 usage, CJIS Fingerprinting, audits and more.

To find a list of upcoming trainings, click the CJIS Training Webinar Schedule below!

Check back often for newly added and announced series additions! 

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Below you can find descriptions of each webinar offered:

LEDS Rep (TAC) 101 (June 23rd, August 25th and October 27th 2021) – LEDS Rep 101 will provide an overview of the LEDS Representative's role within their agency surrounding CJIS process, CJIS Fingerprinting, LEDS and CJIS Security Awareness Testing and updating LEDS Training Records.

LASO 101 (July 14th, 2021) – This session is targeted at the agency's Local Agency Security Officer (LASO). We will touch on roles and responsibilities as well as things you can do to ensure your agency's criminal justice information is secure.

Audit Findings: Key Takeaways (July 28th, 2021) – This webinar session will provide insights uncovered from our Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice Auditors as well as key takeaways from the FBI's Triennial Audit.

Reading a Rap Sheet and Dispositions (August 11th, 2021) – This training will walk through the newly updated standardized rap sheet as well as the process of dispositions.​

LEDS 20/20 Validation Tool (September 8th , 2021)– Oregon State Police, in partnership with Diverse Computing, is currently developing a new validation tool to be used with the LEDS 20/20 platform. Join OSP and Diverse Computing to get a sneak peek at the new validation tool and how it will create process efficiencies for validations at your agency.

FBI Presentation (September 22nd, 2021)– This webinar will be facilitated by our FBI CJIS partners to cover topics relating to NCIC and other FBI CJIS systems.

UCR 101 (October 13th, 2021)– Uniform Crime Reporting is an important, detail-oriented program ran at each law enforcement office throughout the state. The UCR 101 webinar will provide a ground level overview of the program and reporting requirements.

IT Audit (November 10th, 2021) – Join the State of Oregon's Information Security Officer, Nick Harris, to discuss the IT Audit process and what an IT Audit looks like for your agency.

Fingerprint Rejections – December 8th 2:30PM-4:00PM - This webinar will explain the lifecycle of a fingerprint card as well as various rejections that may be encountered when submitting both Criminal and Regulatory fingerprints.​

To register for one or more of our training sessions, click to access our Webinar Registration Form​!​

LEDS Rep (TAC)​ 101 - June 23rd 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

                                   August 25th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

                                   October 27th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

LASO 101 - July 14th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM 

Audit Findings: Key Takeaways - July 28th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

Reading a Rap Sheet and Dispositions - August 11th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM ​

LEDS 20/20 Validation Tool - September 8th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM 

FBI Presentation - September 22nd 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

Basic UCR Course - October 13th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM​

IT Audit - November 10th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM

THANKSGIVING​ -​ (NO TRAINING November 24th 2021)   

Fingerprint Rejections – December 8th 2:30PM-4:00PM

CHRISTMAS - (NO TRAINING December 22nd, 2021)

To register for one or more of our training sessions, click to access our Webinar Registration Form​!​

  • June 23rd 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM               LEDS Rep (TAC) 101
  • July 14th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM                LASO 101
  • July 28th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM                Audit Findings: Key Takeaways
  • August 11th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM          Reading a Rap Sheet and Dispositions
  • August 25th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM           LEDS Rep (TAC) 101
  • September 8th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM       LEDS 20/20 Validation Tool
  • September 22nd 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM    FBI Presentation
  • October 13th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM         Basic UCR Course
  • October 27th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM         LEDS Rep (TAC) 101
  • November 10th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM     IT Audit
  • November 24th 2021                                NO TRAINING: THANKSGIVING​
  • December 8th 2021 2:30PM-4:00PM​        Fingerprint Rejections
  • December 22nd 2021                               NO TRAINING: CHRISTMAS​​
To register for one or more of our training sessions, click to access our Webinar Registration Form​!​

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