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Oregon State Police Agency Information

The Oregon State Police (OSP) is a multi-disciplined organization charged with protecting the people, wildlife, and natural resources in Oregon. We enforce the traffic laws on the state’s roadways, investigate and solve crimes, conduct post-mortem examinations and forensic analysis, and provide background checks and law enforcement data. We regulate gaming, the handling of hazardous materials, and fire codes, and educate the public on fire safety and enforce fish, wildlife, and natural resource laws. 

The Oregon State Police will be a leader in delivering high-quality services that support and enhance public safety in the 21st Century. 

The mission of the Oregon State Police is to serve all people with a priority of safeguarding life, property, and natural resources by building upon a diverse, professional, and trustworthy workforce.

Our values represent the “moral compass” of our agency. We are committed to living these values every day and embodying them in our daily activities as public safety professionals: 

Honor: We will honor the mission entrusted to us by preserving the peace and protecting the rights of all people.

Dedication: We are dedicated to delivering innovative and professional public safety services.

Loyalty: We are loyal to the agency's mission and to providing equal service to all.

Compassion: We will serve all people and fulfill our duties with the utmost understanding and empathy.

Integrity: We will act with the highest level of responsibility and accountability in accordance with the public's interest and trust.

Code of Ethical Conduct

The Superintendent acknowledges that the citizens of the State of Oregon rightfully expect and demand that the Oregon State Police epitomize the highest ideals of ethical and professional conduct.  As an employee, I subscribe to and adopt the ideals set forth in the Code of Ethical Conduct. 
As a peace officer, I am the image of penal law and its warden.  If I am to be esteemed and the law I typify respected, I must know my authority well and use it wisely.  I shall neither exceed nor abuse it.
During my private and public life, I shall conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.  I shall at all times conduct myself in a manner which consistently maintains the public trust.
I shall be intolerant of dishonorable or unethical conduct by any person in the criminal justice community.  As an Oregon State Police officer, I shall strive to be courageous in my professional and everyday life, and will take prudent and judicious action when faced with danger, scorn, or ridicule.
Although the way I choose to conduct my private life is a personal freedom, I accept responsibility for my actions while on or off duty.  I will not become a party to conduct that is likely to, or does bring disrespect to myself, my fellow employees, or the Oregon State Police.  To that end, I shall not engage in personal conduct that affects, or could be perceived to affect, impartiality in my official capacity.
I shall not use my position or authority for any personal gain or benefit.  I shall refrain from seeking or accepting any gift, gratuity, or favor that is tendered, or could reasonably be perceived as being tendered, as an attempt to influence impartiality in my official capacity.
As an Oregon State Police officer, I acknowledge the authority and responsibility entrusted to me and will use only the amount of force reasonably necessary to accomplish and fulfill my duties.  I consider the use of deadly physical force as the final option to protect myself or another person from what I reasonably believe to be the infliction, or threatened infliction, of serious physical injury.
I shall bear faithful allegiance to the State of Oregon and the Oregon State Police and shall be loyal to the highest ideals of my profession.  I will serve the public with due respect, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness without prejudice.  I recognize the service to the public is beyond service to myself.  As a police officer, I consider it a privilege, and the greatest honor that may be bestowed upon any person, to defend the principles of liberty.