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Employer appeal rights

Your Appeal Rights as a PERS Employer

PERS employers may appeal PERS staff actions and determinations. The appeal process may be applied to any staff action or determination affecting you, as an employer, including eligibility determinations and invoices for contributions.
The employer appeal process is described in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 459-001-0032: Review of Staff Actions and Determinations Regarding Public Employers. If you disagree with a staff action or determination, you may request a review (appeal) by sending an email or writing to your PERS employer account representative within 60 days of the date the staff action or determination was sent to you. Your request will be denied if it is received after the 60-day period has expired. Your request for review must include:
  1. a description of the action or determination you want reviewed;
  2. a short statement describing how and why you think the action or determination is wrong;
  3. a statement of facts that you believe show the action or determination is wrong;
  4. a list of any statutes, rules, or court decisions that you believe support your position;
  5. a statement of the action you seek; and
  6. a request for review.
Your request for a review may be denied if it does not contain the required information. PERS staff will mail a response letter within 45 days after receipt of your request for review.