Whether you’re new to public employment, approaching the end of your career, or somewhere in between, PERS and the Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) are here to help you​ understand your retirement benefits so you can successfully navigate your financial future.

The following are resources created for PERS Expo that you may find helpful. These resources are for general educational purposes only and may not speak to your specific situation.

If you have questions, including about your specific situation, contact PERS Member Services or OSGP representatives.

PERS/OSGP preparation checklists

No matter where you are in your career, preparing for retirement is a process full of choices. The following checklists provide general tips and action items you can use to prepare for a successful and secure retirement. The lists also include links to additional resources you may wish to explore.

  • Early career checklist — For PERS members within the first five years of public employment
  • Mid-career checklist — For PERS members who are more than five years into their public service careers and who are more than three years away from retirement
  • Near-retirement checklist — For PERS members who are three years away from retirement

​Note that once you submit your application for retirement to PERS, you will receive a new checklist from the agency. When you are nearing retirement, read our “I Want to Retire” webpages for Tier One/Tier Two and OPSRP for more information.

Videos and workshops


Want to learn more about your PERS benefits, the retirement experience and beyond? Check out the following video offerings:

 Educational workshops presented by PERS staff are available for Tier One/Tier Two and OPSRP members.


OSGP also offers various videos and workshops on its website. Check out the following OSGP offerings:

  • Educational videos — Videos span a number of topics, including how OSGP can help you save for retirement and the advantages of naming beneficiaries, consolidating accounts and rolling over your IAP.
  • Live and recorded w​orkshops — Register for or watch recordings of three educational workshops covering OSGP, basic investment concepts and retirement strategies.



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